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corporate accountability

Do you think there is a correlation between wealth and meanness? »

(2,652 votes - closed)

Should corporations be considered people, legally? »

(2,095 votes - closed)

How effective was the "Oily Mary" cocktail stunt? »

(1,539 votes - closed)

Should there be a minimum tax rate for corporations? »

(3,383 votes - closed)

What is the worst company of 2010? »

(4,540 votes - closed)

Can capitalism be used as a tool to create positive change? »

(1,444 votes - closed)

Should water be privatized? »

(1,545 votes - closed)

Do shopping centers and malls decorate too early for the holidays? »

(1,811 votes - closed)

Do you need to lie and cheat to get ahead in society?  »

(2,720 votes - closed)

Do you support building nuclear power plants as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  »

(9,981 votes - closed)

Do you believe US automakers can catch up and become green car leaders? »

(9,608 votes - closed)

United Airlines may start forcing obese individuals to pay for 2 seats or get bumped. Is this reasonable? »

(9,059 votes - closed)

The House has voted to impose a 90% tax on bonuses paid to employees at companies that have received bailout money. Is this a good idea? »

(1,451 votes - closed)

Would you like to see the government levy a tax on AIG executives to recoup the millions in bonuses paid to them? »

(4,128 votes - closed)

What punishment should Bernie Madoff face for stealing $65 billion from investors through his Ponzi scheme? »

(5,164 votes - closed)

If your company asked everyone to vote for either getting a 20 percent pay cut or having 20 percent of the workforce laid off, which would you choose? »

(6,010 votes - closed)

Do you think it's ethical for businesses to outsource jobs to other countries? »

(6,053 votes - closed)

What do you think of having a "Car Czar" overseeing the American auto industry? »

(4,465 votes - closed)

How secure do you feel in your job? »

(6,641 votes - closed)

Should the government bail out the Big Three U.S. auto manufacturers? »

(2,397 votes - closed)

Do you believe the U.S. government will be able to stop the financial market meltdown? »

(2,788 votes - closed)

Do you support the Bush administration's proposed $700 billion Wall Street bailout without legal or administrative oversight of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson? »

(2,228 votes - closed)

Do you think corporations influence government policy? »

(5,132 votes - closed)

Could you live on minimum wage? »

(9,444 votes - closed)

Should corporate America be mandated to allow more employees to work from home? »

(7,273 votes - closed)

Do you think switching to four-day workweeks is a good idea to help save gasoline? »

(6,955 votes - closed)

Do you think there should be a limit on the amount of interest credit card companies can charge? »

(6,539 votes - closed)

How green is your company? »

(5,630 votes - closed)

Do you like your job? »

(6,042 votes - closed)

Does your office have a recycling program? »

(4,745 votes - closed)

Do you think Blackwater employees should be charged in the deaths of Iraqi civilians? »

(1,069 votes - closed)

Do you prefer to have a male or female boss? »

(1,097 votes - closed)

When a big corporation makes an effort to be green, what do you think? »

(1,068 votes - closed)

Compared to the prices of most other things you buy, do you think gasoline prices today are reasonable or unreasonable? »

(1,065 votes - closed)

Do you struggle with balancing your family, friends and work? »

(4,914 votes - closed)

Have you ever held a job where you've been paid minimum wage? »

(5,206 votes - closed)

Do you think your employer is doing enough to reduce its impact on the environment? »

(3,198 votes - closed)

Consumers should put more pressure on businesses to go green. »

(5,293 votes - closed)

Have you invested in any SRIs (socially responsible investments)? »

(4,231 votes - closed)

Do you do things at work to make it more fun? »

(2,201 votes - closed)

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