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Are you concerned about the air quality within school buildings in your area? »

(3,717 votes - closed)

At what age should children start learning a foreign language in school? »

(2,195 votes - closed)

Would comprehensive sex education classes in schools create more confident, healthy young adults? »

(1,885 votes - closed)

Should LGBT issues (such as same-sex marriage) be discussed in elementary schools? »

(1,889 votes - closed)

How important is science education in schools? »

(1,910 votes - closed)

Have you personally experienced bullying? »

(1,869 votes - closed)

Should children be taught in single-gender classrooms?  »

(2,604 votes - closed)

Should books ever be banned? »

(2,627 votes - closed)

What was your favorite thing about going back to school? »

(1,469 votes - closed)

Are children today given too much homework? »

(2,888 votes - closed)

Do you think sleep deprivation plays a role in aggressive behavior or bullying? »

(3,004 votes - closed)

Was it difficult for you to decide what to do after college? »

(2,776 votes - closed)

Is reading 50 books a year a reasonable goal for school age kids to attain? »

(3,016 votes - closed)

Is 4 years old too young to start kindergarten? »

(3,046 votes - closed)

Should colleges ban fraternities? »

(2,911 votes - closed)

Are unpaid internships a form of exploitation? »

(2,865 votes - closed)

Is college worth the time and expense? »

(3,049 votes - closed)

Should all children be allowed to attend US public schools, regardless of immigration status? »

(3,106 votes - closed)

Does level of math taken in high school predict future success? »

(3,454 votes - closed)

Should college students be allowed to carry guns on campus? »

(3,777 votes - closed)

Do standardized tests accurately predict how a student will do in college? »

(3,614 votes - closed)

Should teachers and other school staff be allowed to carry guns? »

(4,132 votes - closed)

Are teachers the main problem with public education? »

(3,902 votes - closed)

Is there a benefit to all-women colleges? »

(3,688 votes - closed)

How important is it to learn advanced math (algebra, calculus, etc.) in school? »

(3,842 votes - closed)

Should sex education be expanded beyond abstinence programs? »

(3,845 votes - closed)

Is it okay for teachers be "friends" with their students on Facebook? »

(4,056 votes - closed)

Should cyberbullying be grounds for suspension in schools? »

(3,845 votes - closed)

Are teachers overpaid or underpaid? »

(4,008 votes - closed)

Do healthier school lunches help lead to better grades? »

(3,863 votes - closed)

True or false: Today's college students are generally less empathetic than college students in the past? »

(3,704 votes - closed)

Are charter schools a good idea? »

(3,231 votes - closed)

Would you support a sex education program that started at grade three and included topics like the proper names for body parts? »

(3,637 votes - closed)

Should kids be rewarded for good grades with money? »

(3,598 votes - closed)

Have you ever, or do you know someone who has been cyber bullied? »

(1,431 votes - closed)

Do you support tenure systems in schools? »

(4,538 votes - closed)

Is standardized testing an effective way to measure a school's teaching success? »

(1,164 votes - closed)

Often when schools face budget cuts, art and PE classes are first to suffer. Is this fair? »

(1,557 votes - closed)

Should books mentioning sex be banned in school? »

(1,521 votes - closed)

Recent reports suggest that abstinence-only education may work after all. Do you: »

(1,497 votes - closed)

Should public schools require community service for graduation? »

(1,268 votes - closed)

Should colleges, regardless of religious affiliation, distribute contraceptives on campus? »

(1,457 votes - closed)

Are charter schools more positively or negatively affecting the education system? »

(981 votes - closed)

Do you think the Obama administration should forgive student loans as a way to stimulate the economy? »

(8,286 votes - closed)

Should sex education be taught in schools?  »

(7,419 votes - closed)

Should high schools have condoms and other contraceptives available to students? »

(10,400 votes - closed)

Do you believe there should be a dress code in middle schools and/or high schools? »

(8,439 votes - closed)

Do you think giving hard and fast grades (including an F/fail) is helpful or harmful to a child's development? »

(7,025 votes - closed)

Do you think children are able to learn better in same-sex classrooms? »

(6,726 votes - closed)

What do you think about Harvard banning men from one of its gyms for a few hours a week to accommodate Muslim women? »

(7,465 votes - closed)

Do you support recent moves by Ivy League colleges including Brown, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Stanford to eliminate tuition for lower- or middle-income students? »

(1,793 votes - closed)

Do you think a Catholic high school should be allowed to ban female referees based on a belief that women cannot hold positions of authority over boys? »

(2,414 votes - closed)

How would you rate the overall quality of your local public school system? »

(8,790 votes - closed)

Should "Intelligent Design" be taught in schools? »

(7,503 votes - closed)

What's your opinion on home schooling? »

(5,096 votes - closed)

Do you volunteer at your child's school? »

(1,297 votes - closed)

Schools should be allowed to test students for illegal drugs before those students can participate in non-athletic activities. »

(5,828 votes - closed)

Do you think schools do an adequate job teaching kids about caring for society? »

(4,831 votes - closed)

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