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environment & wildlife

Do you bring a reusable cup when you go to a coffee or tea shop? »

(2,419 votes - closed)

Wind power turbines often contribute to bat deaths and habitat loss. What's more important? »

(2,244 votes - closed)

At what age did you first gain a real appreciation for nature? »

(3,027 votes - closed)

Have you heard of fracking (hydraulic fracturing)? »

(2,724 votes - closed)

What is your favorite biome or ecoregion? »

(2,409 votes - closed)

What do you think of Liuzhou, China's offer of cash rewards to anyone who captures invasive piranha fish from the local river? »

(1,819 votes - closed)

What do you think of Australia's practice of culling kangaroos to protect biodiversity? »

(1,812 votes - closed)

When will you feel safe eating rice from Japan again, post-Fukushima radiation? »

(1,833 votes - closed)

Should the UN offer financial incentives to developing countries that fight deforestation by preserving and replanting their forests?  »

(1,696 votes - closed)

Would you want an owl as a pet? »

(1,900 votes - closed)

Would you ever want to live in a very polluted city? »

(1,758 votes - closed)

Do you think light pollution is a problem? »

(1,768 votes - closed)

How do you feel about plants made to be drought-resistant? »

(1,690 votes - closed)

Should fracking be banned?  »

(2,555 votes - closed)

Should world governments be doing more to fight climate change? »

(3,100 votes - closed)

Should fracking be banned? »

(3,209 votes - closed)

Do you avoid products that contain palm oil? »

(3,175 votes - closed)

How much do you worry about global warming? »

(3,547 votes - closed)

Are natural disasters evidence of climate change? »

(4,350 votes - closed)

Should stricter regulations be implemented before drilling for oil resumes in the Gulf of Mexico? »

(4,489 votes - closed)

Is overpopulation the primary contributor to environmental devastation? »

(4,247 votes - closed)

Do you feel like the summer of 2010 was the hottest summer ever? »

(3,760 votes - closed)

Do you keep your bird feeders full during the summer? »

(4,033 votes - closed)

Do you take steps to make your yard or balcony welcoming to wildlife? »

(4,365 votes - closed)

Would you donate your hair or your pet's fur to make oil-absorbent mats to help with the oil spill? »

(4,409 votes - closed)

Do you talk to plants or trees? »

(1,861 votes - closed)

Have you been following the Climate Change Conference in Cophenhagen?  »

(1,607 votes - closed)

Is there a fair global solution to combat the environmental problems the planet is facing? »

(1,751 votes - closed)

How would you classify the wildlife in your local region? »

(2,713 votes - closed)

Should governments invest in clean coal technology? »

(9,588 votes - closed)

Should one country be allowed to "own" the arctic if they can prove it is connected under water? »

(5,521 votes - closed)

What should be society's biggest priority in becoming more green? »

(7,158 votes - closed)

Do you think the economic crisis will have an adverse effect on efforts to stall global warming? »

(2,045 votes - closed)

The ban on offshore oil drilling in the United States is about to expire. Is that good? »

(2,501 votes - closed)

If your neighbor was dumping toxic chemicals down the drain, and wouldn't stop after you asked him to, would you report it to the authorities? »

(9,944 votes - closed)

Should hunting deer, ducks and other animals with high populations be legal? »

(9,978 votes - closed)

What do you think the world will run out of first? »

(9,079 votes - closed)

Do you think high gas prices are good for the country? »

(1,217 votes - closed)

Do you believe the recent devastating floods and tornadoes in the Midwest are proof of global warming? »

(1,171 votes - closed)

Who do you believe will play the greatest role in stopping global warming? »

(6,626 votes - closed)

Should restrictions, designed to protect marine mammals, be placed on when and where the U.S. Navy can cary out high-intensity sonar exercises? »

(3,439 votes - closed)

How bad do you think global warming is? »

(6,161 votes - closed)

Is enough being done to prevent oil spills like the one last week in San Francisco and the one this week in Russia? »

(6,053 votes - closed)

Do you choose seafood based on whether its habitat is sustainable? »

(5,632 votes - closed)

In order to cut down on energy consumption and reduce global warming, would you support an increased federal tax on gasoline? »

(901 votes - closed)

Would you buy an eco-friendly item with less aesthetic appeal rather than something more beautiful but not green? »

(2,018 votes - closed)

Are you concerned about honeybees diappearing? »

(3,516 votes - closed)

Do you believe snowmobiling should be allowed in Yellowstone? »

(5,228 votes - closed)

Do you ride ATVs? »

(4,721 votes - closed)

Will the planet be a better place for your kids when you're gone vs. when you were born? »

(4,576 votes - closed)

Do you have a bird feeder? »

(4,167 votes - closed)

How optimistic are you that we can reverse the course of global warming? »

(5,420 votes - closed)

Do you ever go camping? »

(4,896 votes - closed)

Which do you think has the most impact on reversing global warming? »

(3,228 votes - closed)

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