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Gay couples should be allowed to legally marry. Do you agree?

Poll Results: 4,809 votes    vote on this poll
Yes - I strongly agree!
No - I strongly disagree!
Yes - I somewhat agree.
No Opinion.
No - I somewhat disagree.

Why? Please share your thoughts below.

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Dianne Lonie
Sunday April 20, 2014, 2:52 AM

Just because couples are Gay, doesn't mean they're not human and deserve the same rights afforded Hetrosexuals. I am straight, but have Gay friends, they are put under too much pressure already!

Laurel B.
Wednesday April 16, 2014, 11:45 PM

Yes - I strongly agree!

Dale O.
Wednesday April 16, 2014, 9:23 PM

Most definitely, joining other nations that already have recognized legal marriage for gay couples would be a progressive act.

Brenda Towers, an alternative word is not required because marriage is marriage is marriage. By the way, not all heterosexuals getting married have children, so by your narrow definition of the word marriage, they would not be fulfilling the so-called 'requirement' of marriage. Two people in love, legally married via a marriage contract (it is a legal document) is all that is required).

Glynis Martin
Monday April 14, 2014, 5:55 PM

If you're in love then no one has the right to tell you that you're not. Not you're parents, not you're friends, not you're pastor and not the government.

Brenda Towers
Sunday April 13, 2014, 8:33 AM

I believe they should have the same legal rights as heterosexual partners. But it is not a ""marriage"as such. They may have a "wedding" to celebrate their love and loyalty, but the very nature of their relationship cannot contain the elements of "marriage" and procreation.
I wish an alternative word could be found to express the true nature of their commitment.

Angelique Rossetto
Friday April 11, 2014, 8:10 AM

I strongly agree :)

Sue H.
Tuesday April 8, 2014, 10:41 PM

Strongly agree.

Joshua S.
Monday April 7, 2014, 7:48 PM

The scapegoats of the evils in this world are rising up, one by one. The Pride Movement is only one of the latest. Soon, the true evils will reveal themselves. It's a depressing way to put it, but it will result in a united human race.

Natasha Salgado
Monday April 7, 2014, 8:59 AM

Strongly agree

Stevie A.
Saturday April 5, 2014, 10:53 PM

“For god so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son to be a HUMAN SACRIFICE. Now is that a good role model for love? Just askin'

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