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These Red Fox pups are only a few weeks old and were photographed just a few feet from their den. I had located the den a few days earlier and returned just before dark to wait, concealed in some brush about 20 feet away. I didn't have to wait very long before the pups emerged from the ground, one at a time. Each fox seemed to have a different level of fear of my presence. I was only able to get one photo of all three pups together. As soon as the flash fired two of the pups dashed back into the den, while the third pup showed no fear at all and remained near the den entrance. It was even somewhat inquisitive of my presence! The second cub soon reappeared, but it was obviously cautious...often fleeing back into the den and then resurfacing moments later. The first cub only poked its head up from the den once, and I never saw it again. I suspect it will probably outlive its siblings! - photographer, John Wasserman.

Red Fox pups (PA, USA) by John Wasserman
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