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This Zebra is also referred to as the Common Zebra (5 subspecies). Plains Zebras are about 7 feet long and stand up to 4 feet at the shoulder. Adult males can weigh 800 pounds and have a life span of about 30 years. Plains Zebras live in grasslands and drier savannas. Their diet consists of grasses and sedges, bark, leaves, buds, fruits and roots. Lions, leopards and wild dogs are their natural predators. Zebras can run up to 40 mph to escape, although their main defense is kicking with their hooves. This photograph was taken at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 2,700-acre, visitor supported conservation center that specializes in breeding programs for threatened and endangered animals.

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Plains Zebra by John Wasserman
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