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Dunes and Clouds, 1995. Death Valley National Park, California.

This photograph was taken shortly after Sunrise. A graduated filter was used in front of the lens, in order to balance the sky a bit better with the foreground. I noticed how the patterns in the clouds contrasted with the patterns of the sand ripples, and nearly shot this image too late as the clouds were rapidly advancing off to the right. If I had been only 30 seconds later, the clouds would not have been situated as ideally as they are here. Itís important to note that "rules" in photography can be broken in order to achieve oneís visualization, such as cutting the image in half with the horizon. Within minutes after I took this photograph, a major sandstorm forced me to speedily pack the 4x5 into my backpack and head back to the car. The sandstorm lasted a full day!

- the photographer, Lynn Radeka

Dunes and Clouds (Death Valley, Ca) by Lynn Radeka
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