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Grevy's Zebra are endangered. They can be found in the sub-desert steppe and arid brush land of protected reserves in Somalia, Ethiopia, and northern Kenya. Drought and loss of habitat are key factors in the decline of the Grevy's Zebra. These beautiful animals are about 8 feet long and stand 5 feet high at the shoulder. They weigh up to 900 pounds. The Grevy's Zebra have broad, round ears and a brown patch on the muzzle. The rump markings are unique, with the stripes becoming smaller instead of larger as in other Zebras. This photograph was taken at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 2,700-acre, visitor supported conservation center that specializes in breeding programs for threatened and endangered animals.

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Grevy's Zebras by John Wasserman
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