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Grevy's zebra are five feet at the withers, the highest part of the back. Adult males weigh about 880 pounds; females are about the same size. Grevy's zebra are the largest wild (non-domestic) equine. Their stripes are narrow and close-set, broader on the neck and extending to the hooves. The belly lacks stripes. The ears are large, rounded, and conical. Only the middle toe is fully developed, ending in a hoof. These animals have keen senses of hearing and smell.

Historically, Grevy's zebras were found in southern Sudan, Ethiopia, northern Kenya, and Somalia, but Kenya is now their last stronghold. Their habitat is scrubland and plains. Their diet consists of a wide range of grasses, which they eat at any stage of growth.

The Zebra is endangered. Their most dangerous enemy is people, who have eliminated wild equines in many parts of their original habitat. Zebras may compete with livestock for water. They have also been hunted for their skins.

Learn how you can support Zebras by making a donation through Friends of the National Zoo's ADOPT A SPECIES program!

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