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Samantha, an eight year old white-faced capuchin monkey, is, has always been, and probably will always be the top monkey here at Jungle Friends! Her personality is that of a defiant teenager. She can be the most loving, however she can also be the most aggressive, viciously biting at any provocation. That is why we affectionately refer to her as "Chainsaw". She so deservingly earned this nickname from chewing on the fingers of over-trusting volunteers who did not heed her warnings or the rules!

Samantha is extremely intelligent, as well as devious. She will lure you over with looks of innocence and drop her toys outside the cage. When an unsuspecting volunteer bends to pick it up for her, Sam will go for the hair. Samantha lives with her little sister, Charlotte, whom she is very devoted. The mornings are spent with outrageous play and much of the afternoons are spent lounging on a tree limb grooming each other.

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