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Date: Nov 28, 2015

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March 25 - Unexpected Vietnam style guerrilla tactics of Saddam's military forces behind coalition frontlines, have caused Coalition commanders to increase estimates on casualties, the costs and duration of the war. Still, coalition resolve remains steadfast. Meanwhile, due to the unexpected resistance, humanitarian efforts are stymied. Iraqi civilians in many cities are without water, electricity and food. Concerns are spreading that the action in Iraq could spiral into another Vietnam.

March 21 - The War in Iraq has begun with ground troops moving into the Iraqi desert and a storm of aircraft hitting targets in Baghdad. Casualties are certain, and we all hope the fighting is over quickly and that our troops will return safely. Many still believe the best way to support our troops is to bring them home alive.

March 18 - Bush annouces a 48 hour deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq. Hussein's refusal to go into exile ensures a U.S. led attack within the week. All U.N. & foreign staff have been withdrawn from Iraq because, as Bush said, "It is not a safe place to be." Unfortunately, the people of Iraq can not leave. There will be many lives lost if we move forward with military action.

March 17 - Major peace groups in the United States issued a national call Monday for non-violent direct action beginning immediately to step up peace protests. Massive civil disobedience actions are planned in Washington at the Capitol beginning the 17th.

March 13 - President Bush has announced that he will delay a vote on his United Nations resolution to authorize an Iraq war. Administration officials say that further negotiations will not create a consensus.

March 7 - The US Admin seems ready to push past the UN and attack Iraq unilaterally. Europeans are calling the approach "arrogant" - even suggesting that the US is now the unwieldy threat to world peace. Wow - what a change a year makes. The good news is that the Administration has not yet set a firm deadline for attack - meaning that there is an opportunity for cooler heads to prevail. Let's keep the pressure on our Representatives to slow things down and search for a better solution than more bloodshed.

March 6 - Welcome to our Peace Action Center. This is a brand new system that still probably has some bugs, so please bear with us. If you have suggestions, let us know.