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Problem: "I'm having problems logging in, or signing up."

Answer: The most likely reason is that your web browser is not accepting cookies.

Huh? We place what is commonly called a "cookie" on your computer. It is a bit of data that lets us know who you are when you go from one page to the next. Without that cookie, you look just like anyone else in the world as far as our computers can tell. With that cookie we can say "ah yes! It's OK to show this person their private account information because they properly logged in and told who they are."

But I've heard cookies are bad!? Some companies use cookies to try to track you where ever you go (i.e. 'Big Brother is Watching'). Unfortunately, that kind of usage has given cookies a bad name, despite the fact that cookies can be extremely useful to make your web experience fast, customized and helpful. We do not share our cookie information with anyone (see Privacy Policy).

To test that your browser is properly configured, please click here:

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