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Unable to log into your Care2 account?

If you are unable to log into your Care2 account, please enter your user name in the password retrieval form above. This form works if we have a current address on file for you. If the password retrieval form did not work for you, please try our password reset form If that does not work, please submit a help request with the following information:

1- your Care2 email address or login name
2- your full name, or the name used on the account
3- any offsite email address that you might have used when registering
4- your birthday
5- the ZIP code and/or street address that is associated with your account
6- the approximate age of the account, or the date you opened it

Unaware that you had an account at

We sent a warning email about our recent hacking incident to everybody who had at some point in the past 12 years created an account on or You might not recall having ever done this, which would make our warning email confusing, however at some point in the past an account was created with the email address we sent the message to.

The warning was legitimate. The reason you received it is that your email address was in our system at the time of the hacking.

To find the password that is currently associated with your account, enter your email address in the green box on this page:

If after using that form, you see the message "we were not able to find any matching account," then it is possible that you are registered using some other email address. Or, it is possible that you were an email subscriber without actually having a registered account on our system. In either case, your email address was NOT compromised in the recent breach -- and we apologize for the misleading warning!

Was this email a phishing attempt?

No. has been online since 1999. We also host, which was one of the first online petition services. Read more about us in Wikipedia:

Read more about this unfortunate hacking episode in a message from Randy Paynter, our CEO and founder:

Want to retrieve your original password?

Some users did not have their password recorded anywhere, and want to know what it was so they can determine whether it was used for any other websites. There are two possible answers to this question:

If you have logged in to Care2 this week (since the attack), we overwrote your old password, and we can't retrieve the original. If you had no record of it, then it is gone forever.

If you have not logged in yet this week (since the attack), you can retrieve the password here:

We strongly recommend that you change your passwords elsewhere, at least for financial institution websites. We recommend that you use a unique password for every different website, so that if any one of them is compromised, your other accounts remain safe. We recommend the use of a password database (a small app that runs on your computer or phone that stores your passwords for you).

Want to unsubscribe from all mailings?

We're sorry to see you go. Despite the recent security breach, we are still working hard to make the planet a better place. With our over 700 nonprofit partners, we will continue to bring news of important action opportunities related to animal welfare, corporate accountability, human rights, education, and more.

Still, if you'd rather not help us take action on these issues, you can unsubscribe from all mailings at any time. You can do this instantly: 1- find any email we've sent you (including the recent "security breach" warning) 2- at the bottom of that message, find the text "To stop receiving this newsletter, visit:..." 3- click that link, which is personalized for your account. It will take you to the website. 4- On the web page that appears, find the text link at the bottom reading "You may also want to _unsubscribe_ from all." 5- Click the link within that sentence (the word "unsubscribe").

That will immediately remove you from all our mailing lists.

Want to cancel your account entirely?

Again, we're sorry to see you go. But if this is what you want, here is how to do it:

1- Log in: (if you have not logged in since the hacking incident, the system will generate a new, temporary password for you, and email it to you. Then log in with that new password.)

2- Go to:

Is my financial data safe?

Care2 does not have any credit card data for any users. Our website is 100% free. The only risk to your financial data is if you used the same password for your bank's website as you did for the Care2 website, AND if the attackers can guess which bank you use AND guess your login name for that bank website.

If your question has not been addressed here, please Contact Us.

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