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This is a group for people to learn about the 10:10 global initiative; to reduce your personal carbon footprint by atleast 10% starting in 2010, and to hopefully sign up with and help the cause!
The 10:10 Global site is the HUB site for all of the various 10:10 groups that now exist around the globe.  This initiative started in the UK with Lizzie Gillett and Franny Armstrong, two wonderful and inspiring women who created a film called The Age of Stupid.

This is the info posted on their "about" page:

An ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now...

10:10 was initially launched as a UK campaign on the 1st September 2009, but on that very first day we received an email from Malaysia: "Hi! I'd love to start a 10:10 campaign here. What do I do?".

Over 100 enquiries followed in the next few months, until we finally admitted we had to go global.

Since then, 10:10 has taken off in 40 countries, and there are new hubs gearing up all the time.

Find out how it all began, or read on for some highlights of the 10:10 Global journey so far....

Ten Tenets The key principles underlying 10:10

1. 10:10 is a voluntary emissions reduction campaign for any person, organisation or business to commit to cutting 10% of their emissions in a 12 month period starting in 2010.

2. 10:10 is an inclusive campaign. Every person, business and organisation is welcome to join.

3. Offsetting or emissions trading can in no circumstances be part of 10:10, as the aim is to reduce emissions directly.

4. Successes are celebrated, rather than failures highlighted, so as not to discourage people/organisations from signing-up for fear they will be criticised for failing to achieve 10%

5. Everyone who signs up should be actively encouraged to spread the word

6. Emissions savings should wherever possible be locked in for the long term

7. All campaigning organisations are free to run with 10:10 if they choose

8. 10:10 must not be used as a vehicle for personal or organisational profiteering.

9. 10:10 is a campaign for immediate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and should not be used to push any other moral, social or political agenda.

10. People can add principles and policies but they can't change these basic Ten Tenets.

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