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Trustworthy people working together to find homes for animals in need. If you have a pet up for adoption, or you've heard of a case of an animal that needs a home, post a link to that site, and we will help you find a home for that pet!
I've gotten so many emails on pets that NEED to be adopted fast! I know there is a lot of people who love animals on care2 and I know there are a lot of people who want a pet or pets. Please post pictures and website links and help find these animals homes. Please support shelters and do not buy from pet stores or puppy mills. Do not breed your pets, have them spayed/neutered there are too many pets out there to go and let your pet have more babies.



Hey, its Sam, I made a new account this group is under new management, but I'm the same person, so technically, its same management, different account. If you were my friend before when I was Sam Ricchini, please add me as Sam Ann. I can now be contacted at: Thanks!
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