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Anyone from Brooklyn, remember the special foods? The people who used to sit in front of their houses, or apts. on summer days? The Italian Ices?/Devildogs & Drakes Cakes?NATHEN'S HOT DOGS, Potato Knishes?/Pickles? You went to P.S.?/Ahh memories!
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Blog: Corner Candy Stores  

I remember that the local hangout was the candy store. Candy was a penny and a small choolate soda was 3 cents. An eggcream was a nickle and best eaten with a long stick pretzel, and was foamy and delicious. A coke was mixed with cherry soda and now coke came out with a great discovery. they have bottled cherry if it was something new.

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Blog: 1960's Brooklyn Memories....Ahhhhhhh  

Where do I begin???  So many wonderful, wonderful, memories, faces, places, smells, foods, people, friends, neighbors and landmarks to choose from!

I can remember "roaming" the neighborhood on hot and humid summer days from the time I left the house in the morning until lunch and then back "out" again until I could hear my mother call me from down the street for "supper!"  If I didn't hear her,  someone else's mother would and would tell me to go home.

I can remember the smell of the bakery and watching coffee cake being packaged into a pink box wrapped with string.  I loved dunking coffee cake in milk.  Let me tell you...there's NO coffee cake in the world like that coffe cake.

What about the corner candy store???  A nickel would pay  for any candy bar I wanted.  Ordering an  ice cream cone with sprinkles on a sugar cone....mmmmmm.

Kids out and about all day and until after-dark in the summertime. All the neighbors sitting outside on their stoop(s) or in lawn chairs, talking, laughing, smoking.  Boys playing in the street.  Playing neighborhood hide-n-seek with 20+ kids.

Pizza Places at lunch time, crowded and waiting for a stool at the counter or a table.  Oh, the smell of NY pizza.

What about music, food, conversations wafting from the neighbor's houses during summer when everyone had their windows and front door open?  How about being able to see right into your next door neighbor's window at night because their house was exactly like yours and the window all in the same place?  Thank goodness most everyone respected the privacy of others in those days!

The smell of diesel from busses and trucks making their way down Brooklyn streets. 

CYO Daycamp at Coney Island!  I loved it.  I can still smell the smell of the foods, pool, ocean and entire area.  Singing songs on the bus coming home from day camp..."21 bottles of beer on the wall..."

I miss it.  I miss the place, the time, the people and being young.  I'm so glad I experienced it.  There really is No place in the world quite like Brooklyn.  :)





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