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We believe animal products can and should be produced humanely and sustainably. We strongly advocate that NO animal should be raised or slaughtered inhumanely. We are against factory farms and actively boycott their products.
This is primarily a group for non-vegans, though anyone who supports our philosophy is welcome to join. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians, pescatarians, pollo-pescatarians, - whatever! -  are all welcome to join, if you believe that humanely-produced animal products should be available and accessible to all people.

We do not believe in ‘animal rights’, though we may have differing personal views on laws pertaining to animals. We believe humane, sustainable animal husbandry should be a fair deal for animals.

This group is friendly, open-minded, casual and tolerant. It should be a positive example within Care2 that omnivores can be as informed, moral and ethical as vegans, despite constant accusations that we are not. But we are NOT “anti-vegan”. Most of us have been viciously abused by some vegans and hold some negative attitudes towards them, but an important policy of this group is to acknowledge that the majority of vegans must not be blamed for the bad attitude of the nasty ones.  Frustrations may certainly be aired here, but carefully so as not to hurt the innocent.

The rules are:
Please try to stick to the topic as best you can, but if a tangent is relative or constructive to the topic, go for it.
Any member may start a new topic any time, but let’s not have multiple topics of the same subject!
Friendly disagreements are fine: wars are not. If a member becomes aggressive within the group, they will be warned - twice. A third transgression will result in expulsion from the group.
No actual names of those vegans with the bad attitude or insulting manner are to be posted.
Some members may be inadvertently buying factory farm products: some may feel very remorseful about doing so, but do not know their options. Nobody should be jumped on for this and accused of being hypocritical. Transition can take time: encourage and assist.
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