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A Group for Frog Lovers and Amphibians. We all lovingly call each other by our Nickname: Fruddy-Buddys. Info and Stories about your Pet Frogs or Wildlife. Free Photo Gallery to Post pictures from. An occasional Petition.


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Frogs 'r' Us.
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Costa Rica. East meets West. In deep red skin tight leatards is "Lucha Libre Rana Colorado" representing The Atlantic Ocean.

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by June M.
1 week ago (95 replies) |
Last reply by Michele : Frogs speak to us of transition, as they undergo incredible transformations in order to reach adulthood - as do we. <span style... more»
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Last reply by penny : RIP dear friend. ... more»
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Last reply by Michele : You are a Firebellied Toad These colorful toads are very active and fun for beginner pet owners. They enjoy spen... more»
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by June M.
3 years ago (27 replies) |
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