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Honey bees and other pollinators are vanishing across the world at alarming rates. We can help save them by informing ourselves and others, stopping the use of pesticides, planting pollinator-friendly gardens and buying organic foods!
Let's Help Our Pollinators!

Although this group focuses on honey bees, feel free to submit tips on helping all pollinators! All of them are vitally important and most of them are in decline! "Nearly 80% of our world's crop plants require pollination. Birds, bees, butterflies, but also beetles, mosquitoes, and even bats transfer pollen between seed plants. This function is vital for plant reproduction." -- The Pollinator Partnership

Tips for Attracting Bees!

Good News!

Beelogics To Save Honeybees With New Anti-Viral Medicine--Have a Colony To Share?

Organic Beekeepers Report No Losses While Conventional Operations Report Massive Colony Losses


The Bee Lab offers an Online Public Course: Healthy Bees

Organic Beekeeping Society - Classes

Getting Started

Some of these references are not 100% organic. If you are going to help save bees, go organic with all of your supplements, avoid all pesticides and genetically modified crops. you'll need to know to start BeeKeeping!

Bee Briefs

Pollinator Partnership Useful Resources

Hive Mind: Beekeepers Reference --FANTASTIC PORTAL!

Urban Bee Garden

Creating a Wild Backyard--Bees

Bee shelters and condos


Attract Native Honey Bees to your Garden!

2008 Organic Beekeeping Conference Recordings


Beekeeping For Dummies

Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture

Beekeeper Associations

American Beekeeping Federation

International Bee Research Association (IBRA)

International Federation of Beekeepers' Association (APIMONDIA)

Join the Pollinator Action Team, Help Bees and Other Pollinators!



"Honeybees have been on this earth for about 25 million years and are ideally adapted to their natural environment. Without honeybees the environment would be dramatically diminished."

--Dr Ivor Davis, master beekeeper


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