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Indefinite Detention and the prisoners being held across the World. Links and Articles. Ways to help

There is NOTHING MORE Restricting then what we are facing in the world today with Animals, Water, Laws, Police and Environment Policies. 

So That being said. TIME FOR A CHANGE! 

Trapping Must Stop. Trappers have went out of control and they have let loose a rage in the wilderness and within the law system with Taxes even. Governor Walker in Wisconsin Empowered By The Koch Brothers and the ALEC LAWS have changed the face off all of this. So time for this group and a new plan of action. Take Back the GROUP. 

Wolves, Rights and The Earth. That is the Cause. May we all see Peace. Thats the final mission.



CLICK SITES - these may not be all up to date, but most are good

Below is a list of links to sites which you can visit once a day. Most of the sites have more than one cause or more than one animal that you can click for. If you have any problems with the links or can’t figure out something, feel free to send me a message and I’ll try and answer your question(s).


If you have other click sites you would like added to my list, please message me and I will be glad to add them to the list.
1 - Oaks of the World - plant a tree
2- Solar Site - Click to solar energy converter
3 - - Save Land, South American Rain Forest; Reduce Pollution

4 - Land Care Niagara - enhancing Niagara naturally - click to plant a tree

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