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A group built on discussing the dynamics of love and relationships. We are here for support, advice and to share experiences with each other. We are also here for singles to find one another. We welcome all relationships.


This the place to discuss any relationship questions, problems, joys and ideas that you may have. Feel free to ask for advice or to simply vent! We are also here for those looking to form new relationships (please see dating thread). We are here to help with with any relationship/love concerns you may be having as well as discussing the philosophy behind love.

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Relationship wise I have been in several long-term relationships, as well as "dating" without commitment, which was an interesting experience. I have dated inter-racially, and with a bisexual man, both have taught me different things. I am now recently married as of July 16th, 2005 to a man I dated for 4 years in college. When it comes to love, I have no definite answers. Are there soulmates, is there true love? I honestly don't know.

Uno (aka Uniino and June) :
I've been married for about 23 years ... and lived with him for 2 years before marriage. Prior to that, several short-term and shorter relationships (and nonrelationships), with many nice guys as well as fiends (yes, I mean fiends). I don't have any answers, either, who does? But it's fun to explore.

I've tried it all... short-term relationships - with love and without, sex for love and love for sex, monogamy and poligamy, platonic relationships and even marriage... you name it... It took me 47 years to ripen, to learn, to understand... till I could honestly know what a real relationship is. That is when I met my woman, my true companionship for life. I am now in peace with myself.

Well, I have not tried it all but I have been married to the most incredible woman I have known for over 16 wonderful years. We have been through just about everything life could throw at us, it has been a wild ride with ups and downs but we are in it for the long run. I am honored to have her by my side as we continue this journey together. Don't have many answers, but mostly can offer possibly a different perspective and help you define what is best for you. Let the games begin...

Kathy: At 43, I have been with both men and women. Being a lesbian puts an interesting perspective on life! I have been in a few long term relationships(that one was abusive-but stayed 10 yrs for her kids)and several shorter-term ones. I can't say I have seen/done it all....but there is a LOT!! :>) Life and love are very large lessons - ever learning; ever growing.
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