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John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said: One person can make a difference and every person should try.JFK was right! But he did not have social media like Facebook and Twitter! Facebook is about you and your friends..... But is its also one of the most p
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We can build a strong chain of animal friends by connecting our friends! Just visit this group and check it out i bet that you will like it! Where else can you get 500 great trusted friends in less than one day???? Proven sucsess!

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Did you know that Facebook is the best place to make a difference? Even if they dont like that!!!

Do you know where you can meet compassionate people in Facebook?

In many groups and causes! Thousands and thousands...

How to make this world a better place?

Just Follow me! And my friends they all care just as much as i do! It does not matter how your suggestions look like post them in this group if they help us make this world a better place!

Join our groups and make a difference and you can feel strong..each night you lay your head down to sleep..., that you have done all that your mental, emotional, and physical being could do for the causes that day.

My reason for being here is to make friends and make this world a better place!

We can make this world a better place!
One earth one mission! Make a difference!
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Hans Lak
One earth one mission Make a difference!

The Actiongroup

Greedpeace....Ask Greenpeace why they did not defend the whales in 2008 but did collect the millions to do so...

The wicked wildlife fund WWF
This group tells you the truth about the WWF!

Fight against Female Circumcision ( FGM )

Human Trafficking is a crime that strips people of their rights, ruins their dreams and robs them of their dignity. It is a crime that shames us all.
Human trafficking is a global problem and no country is immune. Millions of victims are entrapped and exploited every year in this modern form of slavery.

Vision First Foundation
Vision First Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and assisting families in need regarding children’s comprehensive eye and vision examinations and associated eye care.

Avaaz is one of my favorite causes..and a must if you want to make a difference with your voice!
This is where one person can realy make a difference!

The Tortoise protection group

Boycott Japan until they stop the killing!

If you want to find out more about the future of mobile social networking...join match2blue here in Facebook

Or if you are a professional and want to see how you can use match2blue join my linked in group for match2blue!

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How do we find and trigger the people who want to make a difference? A good friend of mine started this the hope that people will help her make a difference....

Help me make a difference a group for all kind of animal causes with many good petitions !

My Causes
Rain Forest Action Network
1. A sustainable world can be created in our lifetime.
2. Aggressive action must be taken immediately to leave a safe and secure world for our children.
Our mission: Rainforest Action Network protects forests and the rights of their inhabitants by campaigning to break America’s oil addiction, promote sustainable logging, and bring green ethics to Wall Street.

Please join this great cause!

STOP CIRCUMCISION OF GIRLS - action group whales!

Stop animal cruelty in Turkey
Our mission: Pneumonia Sucks because the disease is prevetable and treatable and kills 2.5 million children under age five each year.

2009 Victoria Bushfire support

Wildlife Victoria Bushfire support

End the seal hunt

More will follow check out my profile for all the causes
i had them all added here but it did not save my changes
better luck next time....

My Petitions
Save the whales Boycott JAPAN!

Protect All Endangered Animals From The IUCN Red List

My Events:
Help Pass Historic Bill to End Seal Hunt


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Hans Lak
One Person Can Make A Difference
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