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by M A P.
59 min ago (4 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : Brian, you are a fresh of breath air exposing the hypocrisy of Mexico, I know no one ever wants to commit crimes there as their prisons are real hell holes.  They are a country where illegal drugs and sex trafficking has... more»
1 hrs ago (3 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : That news conference on Trumps health Exposed the lunacy of fake news.   Give them plenty of rope to hang themselves.... People need to know we are on an edge of loosing this country to crazy liberal lunatics.... more»
by M A P.
1 hrs ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : OMG, when are people going to get it, whites and now blacks are leaving democrats, they need a new base to bribe and support.  They know this class will GROW and keep them in political power.   This class will bring... more»
1 day ago (7 replies) |
2 days ago (14 replies) |
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