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1 hrs ago (10 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : Very sad, RIP Jaelynn Willey....   We have a serious problem when libs got control of public education, they deliberately dumb down kids, make the Dependent, entitled, demanding liberals. They are clueless to... more»
1 hrs ago (17 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : I was sick when he signed it and very angry, how could he? Then I thought Generals Mattis and Kelly may have pressured him into signing because Military got EVERYTHING.  Obama put our military seriously behind for 8... more»
3 hrs ago (11 replies) |
Last reply by sheila : Tara Jane - - I thought Stormy Daniels was only in porn movie industry and a stripper/pole dancer, the brunette is the former playboy bunny and 3rd one is a contestant from the Apprentice who said Trump tried to grope her years... more»
3 days ago (3 replies) |
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