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Hello Friends..... Its a global invitation to everybody irrespective of place, gender, caste, creed and age. Come and join us if you are interested in any of the following : A) Any kind of adventure B) Nature and anything related to nature C) Wildlife
Hello Friends..... It’s a global invitation to everybody irrespective of place, gender, caste, creed and age. Come and join us if you are interested in any of the following for which I am trying my best to create interest & awareness in the youth of India & especially of Gujarat:

A) All kind of adventure

Nature and anything related to nature

C) Wildlife and its protection

D) Forest and Forest Conservation

E) Environmental Education and Protection

I am a prominent nature lover, keenly interested in adventurous activities, engaged since 35 years in the said fields & since July 1990 I am an Honorary President & Founder of Parikrama Nature Adventure and Sports Institute, one of the leading & outstanding institution which organizes camps, courses & expeditions for trekking, mountaineering, rafting water & ice skiing, Para-sailing/gliding and two & four-wheeler adventure with one motto - "Development of Youth".  This institute is famous for its peculiar, unique & special adventure every year in the state of Gujarat. It is the only institute of India, which is recognized in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS for three times.

Apart from three entries lead by me recorded in the Limca Book of Records, I have discharged my services as an Honorary Instructor for Gujarat State Mountaineering Institute at their various centers and have participated about 85 adventurous events such as camps, courses and expeditions as a Leader including 8 Peak climbing expeditions into the Himalayas.

I am Online Volunteer of Online Volunteering service provided by the United Nations Volunteers program that connects development organizations & volunteers over the Internet.

I am on the Net at almost all social networking sites & have created my own groups & communities in addition to my active memberships in more than 800 groups all over the net.

PARIKRAMA NATURE ADVENTURE & SPORTS INSTITUTE, Ahmadabad a leading name in India, popularly known as "PARIKRAMA" - "an environment loving institution of adventurous youth who invades river, sea, jungles, mountains, deserts & sky" aims to provide a great platform to all like-minded members to exchange their ideas and experiences with each other keeping only one motto-- development of these fields. Do visit us at:

“NATUER AND ADVENTURE LOVERS” as you already know is a name of my group & community established every place on the Net to have a common platform where we can share information, ideas & experiences for the respective fields around the world. If you start sharing information, then you will in turn get more information from others. We can  exchange here all kind of text, file formats, photographs, videos, blogs, website links, names of books, course & program syllabus/details pamphlets, broachers, articles, essay, narrations, paragraphs & stories written by you and/or others, autobiographies, bibliographies etc. or by any other way in addition to your suggestions for the activities like:

outing, hill walking, mountain walking, wilderness awareness, trail walking, trail walk for nature education, back packing, camping, trekking, hiking, jungle trekking, riverside trekking, seashore trekking, castle trekking, river crossing, rope traversing/crossing, body boarding, mountain boarding, river boarding, skim boarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding, flow boarding, skateboarding, sand boarding, rock climbing, bouldering, free solo climbing, natural climbing, artificial climbing, wall climbing, climbing fall, rappelling, mountaineering (Ice & snow), glissading, ice climbing, snow kayaking, ice skiing, springboard diving, free diving, Scuba diving, cave diving, Snorkeling, Cliff diving, swimming, sailing, boating, speed boating, water rafting, water skiing, white water kayaking, yachting, windsurfing, wake surfing, river surfing, kite surfing, rowing, Canoeing, snow skate, ice skating, aggressive skating, figure skating, roller skating, inline skating, paragliding, Parachuting/jumping, Para sailing, wing suit flying, hang gliding, sky surfing/diving, air surfing, motocross, snow cross, snow scootering, rallying, drifting, motorcycle rally, freestyle motocross, BMX freestyle, car racing, street car racing, bungee jumping, zorbing, storm chasing, extreme walking, race walking, grass skiing & so more.

The above list may extended by many related, allied & research activities which are not considered as sport though very interesting for the person engaged in like Nature Education, Environmental Education, Forest and its Conservation, Ecotourism, Wildlife protection, Ecology, Glaciology, Geology, Zoology, Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, Mountain medicines, Flora/Fauna, Yoga, Meditation, Painting, Arts, Mountain Photography, Basic required a

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