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This group is to bring awareness of the issues that troubles the beautiful Caribbean twin-island Republic and to work on reversing the effects of these issues. Peace and love to all.
This group is to bring to everyone's attention what is happening in our beautiful Caribbean twin-island paradise of Trinidad and Tobago.

With murder rates climbing at an alarming rate for the past five years, our people are running scared. Child abuse, especially rape, is increasing as the days go by. Everyday, all the newspapers and evening news contain is how many murders occured, how many children were raped or missing and how many people are sick of the government wasting the nation's money.

This group will address most, if not all, of the negative issues that are seriously affecting our beautiful island.

Our people must unite against the following:
  • Crime
  • Racism
  • Rape
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Violence
And more

We must stand AGAINST these main issues and save our land. Otherwise, we will lose our paradise forever.

This group will bring this to worldwide attention. Stay posted for information on petitions, etc.

We want our country back. We want to walk the streets and feel safe.

With one voice, one heart and two hands we can do the impossible. We have the power of change in our hands!
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