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This site is intended to assess and discuss the political positions adopted by the Party and how they measure against our core values. Views and actions of members and hosts are their own and may not reflect those of the RNC.

Idiots who think this group represents the views of the neocons and the religious fundamentalist who hijacked our party are just that.

We are the Republican Party. We are the Party of Lincoln. We intend to rescue our Party from the neocons and the religious fundamentalist who hijacked it as a first step towards rescuing our country.

For those who long to restore the Party to what it was under Lincoln, this is the place for you.

The Party that united the country under Lincoln is now dividing the country under bush.

It is clear that the views of the current hijacked RNC do not reflect our views. So those who may mistake their views for ours, take notice. The current hijacked RNC does not represent our views or our values. The current RNC is not authorized to speak for us. They are nothing but a disgrace to Lincoln and to Lincoln's Party. We intend to bring honor back to the Republican Party.
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