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Get connected with other Republicans to help us re-unite this great country! Now it is our duty to support The USA's best interest and keep the liberals out of the White House! No more high taxes and remove troops slowly!
Please Note:

This should be fun!

We wish our group to be one of respectful, intelligent and friendly discussions and debate. Posts against the Care2 CoC will either have warnings given and a choice as how to remain a guest, &/or simply be deleted, depending on the nature and content of the post.

I must stress that we would rather not have any need to delete anything, we CAN exercise good sense on our own, right?!

Also, please do not post any banners, signs or advertisement contrary to our group's purpose, No long cut and paste posts from other sources against Republicans. Why? This activity is not asking questions and attempting to discuss, understand and debate things, obviously, ok? They will be deleted.

MEMBERS WHO HAVE OPPOSING VIEWS FROM THE GROUP'S, are free to join in and have debates and discussions as long as the rules are respected, and as long as the Host's warnings, if needed, are taken seriously and respected, for the sake of peace, and keeping troublemakers out.
Other opinions are not rejected, as mentioned above, by any guests who wish to have friendly debates as long as they are civil. Hey, nobody really cares for instigators, right?
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Last reply by Lord : <p style="background-color: transparent; box-sizing: content-box; color: #111f2e; font-family: Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,serif; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing:... more»
9 years ago (69 replies) |
Last reply by Patrice : My choice for republican candidate would be Michelle Bachman.&nbsp; My favorite description of her was given on Chris Mathews' show by Matt Taibbi, who said (when asked what he thought of M. Bachman), "On the way over here, I saw... more»
9 years ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : Who ARE you?&nbsp; Are you running for office and trying to get wealthy?&nbsp; You are in favor of Citizen's United???&nbsp; Do you work for a living or are you a CEO? &nbsp; Man, it kills me when I see working people... more»
11 years ago (4 replies) |
by Bert M.
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