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All of your favorite government conspiracy theories, oh, and cats.
Welcome to Tin-foil Hats and Cats!

  • We talk about Government Conspiracies
  • We look at pictures of Cats
  • If there is a middle ground, perhaps we'll address that too

Austin Meowers - The Spy Who Scratched Me
Group Discussions
4 years ago (29 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : if you have a spare 2 seconds since your fellow cat lovers :-) x ... more»
10 years ago (74 replies) |
Last reply by Kathleen : I have a web site for you guys, Please post your pics in you tin foil hats! Cats rule! ... more»
12 years ago (150 replies) |
Last reply by Past Member : Hello, I'm a fan of conspiracy theories and really love cats/ I've had cats all my life, right now I have seven cats. I do get the feeling that one of them is plotting world domination. This seems to be a very interest... more»
by Jeff S.
14 years ago (44 replies) |
by Dave C.
14 years ago (47 replies) |
14 years ago (14 replies) |
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