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Relief From Betrayal,Friends Are Hard To Find.You Think You Know Someone,When All Could Go Wrong In Your Life,The One Last Hope With NO Explantion I Might Add,The 30 Yr Friend Is Nowhere,Not A Card,A Call,Or Even A Whisper,30YR Wasted,For What Reason
Now I Don't Want This Group To Totally Be On The Downhill Dept. Of Fun, I Would Like To Meet New People As Well As Give Everyone The Same Opportunity As I Am Looking For. We DO Need Fun And Laughter In Our Lives, But Somtimes Its Easier To Talk To Someone That Understands And Carry On A Great Friendship From There Hopefully, By All Means No Excuses Allowed,Just Own Up To The Situation And Move On ,Help And Understand,Dont Let Someone Else Make That ONE Call Because Your Too Wrapped Up In Yourself To Deal With Things,That Just Makes It Worse. Honesty,Common Courtesy,Compassion,Trust,Admiration,Self Worth,Tenderness,Companionship,NO BS Till Someone Has Your Number All Figured Out.Self Respect Will Bring The Same To Others.No Jealousy
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by Jean S.
14 years ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Past Member : Hi. I just wanted to say that I sent green stars today. Sorry, but I can't post more today. Tom ... more»
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