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True vegetarians follow a diet that avoids animal flesh and emphasizes plant-based foods that consist of whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. How to begin a vegetarian regimen, please learn from here for your top health!!
Reason: found that 80% of the nutrients in the blood is alkaline and 20% acidic. To preserve the blood as it should, six vegetables and two fruits make up that 80% of alkaline foods we need, while protein and starch are 20% of acidic foods.

Reasons to observe this law
The key to this law is in maintaining blood pH normal, ie 7.38 or 7.40 (slightly alkaline). As we know the blood is to nourish and oxygenate our tissues and organs, but another of its functions is to collect all wastes or toxic wastes own cellular metabolism causes and then go to different organs purifying waste. These organs are the liver, kidneys and lungs.

If our diet is not adequate due to not following the above three laws of Bernard Jensen on nutrition and healing, then gradually silently but malevolent our tissues, organs and blood are acidified by an excess of these toxins acid.

Blood is not just a reflection of our fabrics, and you have a slightly acidic pH is because our bodies have an acidic pH by toxins that have accumulated in them.

Acidic foods that acidify the blood
Bernard Jensen warns that the main reason that acidifies the blood is for nutrition. The proteins and several starches in its composition, nitrogen and carbon, respectively, are acidic and almost all metabolic wastes from the body are acidic. Everyone knows that most people eat excess protein (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc.).. As discussed in the third law, one should not eat more than one protein per day to maintain or regain health. This excess of protein in our daily intake is the reason that the acid-base balance in the body is broken. Among the carbohydrates most acids include all refined flours, especially wheat, and white sugar, another major acidifying organic.

Other factors that acidify the blood and change the pH
Although Dr. Jensen focuses on nutrition, we know that there are many more factors that can alter blood pH. A disappointment, excitement, negative thoughts, emotional stress, excessive work or physical activity, external contaminants (snuff, drugs, smoke, chemicals, etc.). Etc. Are dangerous for our health, and if you combine them with the bad food and have the explosive cocktail and causing many chronic diseases.

Agency's efforts to maintain the balance of blood pH
Blood can not get much of that proper pH -7.38 or so. If you come down from this figure, we would die. However, we are living and eating poorly, and the body continues. To avoid death, if not give your body adequate nutrients through food or supplements alkaline, your body will find a way to survive, and one of those ways is stealing alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) from elsewhere to maintain the balance so necessary. Bones and teeth are the main source of alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) that contribute to maintaining this balance lost.

We now understand why so many people currently suffer from problems osteo-articular. Yes, her osteoporosis it is saving lives.

Feeding alkaline and recovery of health
Remember that what we are dealing with is an act of healing. So if we are sick (uremia, serum uric acid, cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.). By excess acids in our body the key as he says Jensen is follow these laws of cure. We must change our diets and strive for at least 80% is alkaline.

Alkaline foods
All vegetables, and if they are organically grown much better because it will avoid nitrates and pesticides that we acidify. The tomato is not taking it out of season it is more acidic, and in season always very mature. Among vegetables also can include algae for their contribution of alkaline minerals (calcium and trace elements).

All fruits if they are ripe. Do not worry about the citrus fruits (lemon, orange, lime), to be digested in the stomach become alkaline substances. Of course, it is always best to take the fruits of the season and recent harvest.

The fruit juices and vegetables
Another excellent way to cleanse your body of the acids is taking these same foods but in juices. Its concentration in sulfur will be higher. He is like a washing procedure that will gradually reducing the accumulation of acids (uric, for example). The blender in your home is one of his best friends. But do not forget the first law.

When drinking juices separate the vegetables from the fruit. Do not combine well. Only the apple may include in any juice.

A juice special for heartburn is: green celery, parsley and potato (skin area). As the taste is not very nice you can also use a carrot.

Some observations
Do not forget that you also have to take acid, but usually these are already well served. But if you are ill avoid them during a TERMPORADA or recommended by your Health Professional.

You can also take nutritional supplements alkalizing a megamineral well balanced.
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