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According to the Union of Concerned Scientists automobile driving is the most environmentally impactful activity Americans have on the environment. This group is for those who are interested in more efficient, healthier alternatives.

Petition to build a 21st century transportation system
Public transportation petition to Congress (U

Recommended Web Sites

Craigslist, SpaceShare, Share Your Ride, & ERideShare: find folks to carpool with
Federal Transit Administration: alternative transporation programs at the US Department of Transportation
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy: promotes sustainable and equitable transportation worldwide
NaftaSuperHighwayInfo: all about the NAFTA superhighway and smart ports supports public transportation
Sierra Club: stop sprawl and poor transit planning
Surface Transportation Policy Partnership: supports programs to ensure safer communities and smarter transportation choices
Transportation for America: supports a 21st century transportation infrastructure, safer streets, and healthier communities
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