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The cheetah is going extinct, we need to act instead of just ignoring this fact. This is a group set up to raise awareness and get people involved in helping before its too late.

Even the fastest animal on the planet is unable to run from the humans who are killing them. Sprint With The Cheetah is commited to spreading the word of the cheetah and to try to get people to understand they need our help and how they can do it. Together as a community with each others support we can and will make a difference

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Last reply by Past Member : This petition courtesy of Wildlife Conservation Society: <a href=" more»
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Last reply by Past Member : I found this wonderful group about cheetahs.&nbsp; They are so graceful and beautiful, and I love the Big Cat Diary shows featuring Honey and her cubs. ... more»
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Last reply by Mels : This is great thank you. ... more»
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