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The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is a political non-profit that provides a powerful voice for Americans who care about conserving our nation's rich wildlife heritage in the political process.

Victory for Wildlife!

Obama Victory Restores Environmental Leadership in America

Barack PbamaWith the election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden should come the restoration of American environmental leadership. For the first time in nearly a decade, we can look to the future with a sense of hope that the enormous environmental challenges we face will begin to be addressed and that our air, land, water, and wildlife − and the overall health of our planet − will not be sacrificed to appease polluting industries and campaign contributors.

It is difficult to describe the damage done by the Bush administration’s misguided and destructive environmental policies. For eight years, the special interests have ruled, virtually dictating our conservation, environmental and energy policies. But now we have an opportunity to lead the world into a better, environmental energy future that addresses the pressing challenges of the day, and there are many.

President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden assume office as global warming threatens everything from our drinking water to our wildlife. They will need to radically alter our current energy policy − which still looks to long-outdated, 20th century, ‘drill, baby, drill,’ solutions to solve 21st century problems − and forge a new energy future that uses American ingenuity to lead the charge on clean, renewable, sustainable energy programs. And they will need to work hard to reverse the disastrous mismanagement of our nation’s natural resources and to fix an environmental regulatory system substantially weakened at the behest of polluting industries.

In short, they will need to revive and restore the federal government’s time-honored role as the careful steward of America’s natural resources.

For the past eight years, the Bush administration has tried to make us believe that we must choose between progress on the one hand, and environmental protection on the other. In consequence, America abdicated its role as a global leader on environmental issues. Now we have the opportunity to surge to the forefront once again and lead the world into a new future where thoughtful environmental and energy policies are the order of the day. Much damage has been done and there is much work to do, but we now have something that’s been absent for eight years: hope.

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