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"We are now the weather makers ... and civilization hangs on Share your reactions, hopes, and fears as we take action to turn global warming around. We Can Do It!
WE is a growing number of people who believe we can solve this.
Not just as individuals with strong beliefs but as part of a group where our strength makes governments and corporations change.
WE can put our planet on a new path. Clean energy solutions are out there waiting. Solutions that will not only save our planet but help rebuild our economy.
WE can lead!

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See An Inconvenient Truth - the documentary
featuring former Vice President Al Gore, then come back here and let's talk about how we can help make a difference.

See more about global warming on Care2's new global warming mini-site
Get Fired Up About Global Warming: We Can Turn It Around!

Thank You All

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4 years ago (37 replies) |
Last reply by Grace : Read a special report from Grist on carbon capture and storage for a new lignite coal gassification plant in Kemper County MS. First if the CCS captures 65% of CO2 emissions from this new coal-fired electric plant, it MISSES... more»
5 years ago (26 replies) |
Last reply by David : wow....its really been almost 7 yrs and yet BIG POLLUTION companies still pollute, CO2 levels still are rising.... I won't give up....hope none of you do either.... ... more»
6 years ago (70 replies) |
Last reply by Keith : Many have argued that a carbon tax, especially a global carbon tax, would be a good way to help control global warming. But what would be the best way to use the money collected? Climate scientist James Hansen has suggested... more»
6 years ago (19 replies) |
12 years ago (52 replies) |
12 years ago (9 replies) |
13 years ago (24 replies) |
13 years ago (56 replies) |
13 years ago (8 replies) |
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