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Our Group Discuss's The Impact of Technology on Society. Linux and the International Co-Operation of Free Software. Internet and Closely Related Subjects. Our group supports linux among Care2 users, and others who care about society and the environment
Group Discussions
5 years ago (17 replies) |
Last reply by Samuel : Tried Zorin that was very difficult to Register etc.. Boot Repair CD was Very Good on notebook and Desktop. And in Last week installed Elementary OS which is a Scaled Down Simple Ubuntu 14.04! ... more»
6 years ago (7 replies) |
Last reply by O O :   As a posably about to be & total both Linux & computers themselves mostly,person currently using Windows7 & thinking of doing the add Linux as a partion,would going,& is there such a thing as a striaght... more»
8 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Ed : I got tired real quick of ubuntu 11.04 and the unity desktop, I am now using LinuxMint Debian 11 and really like it, it is a rolling edition with no upgrades every 6 months, but does it every few days thru update manager. Gnome 3... more»
8 years ago (7 replies) |
9 years ago (10 replies) |
10 years ago (2 replies) |
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