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In fantasy our world is beautiful, more exiting. You'll not be alone with fairies, angels, elves, unicorns ... It's an asylum just for you.

Believing is just the beginning ...

/ Unknown /

Your imagination takes you to faraway mystical lands
that only the heart can see...

For the heart possesses the all-seeing eye
that discerns the truth of life.

/ Dustin Johnson /

The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.

/ Unknown /

The warmth of an Angels light can comfort and iluminate the whole world .

/ Unknown /

When the first baby laughed
for the first time
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces
and they all went skipping about
that was the Beginning of Fairies.

/ Unknown /

The unicorn has been a topic of wonder and speculation for centuries.The writings of such men as Aristotle, Genghis Khan, Saint Thomas, and Saint Gregory reflect the fact that these men considered the unicorn as a very real creature.
Webester's Seventh defines a unicorn as 'a mythical animal generally depicted with the body and head of a horse, hind legs of a stag, tail of a lion, and a single horn in the middle of its forehead'. The word 'unicorn' comes from the Latin 'Uni', meaning one, and 'Cornu, meaning horn. The unicorn has been depicted in the folklore and legends of other
cultures besides ours.

/ Unknown /

As the unicorn explained..."Now that we have seen each other. let us make a promise - if you believe in me I will believe in you.

/ Unknown /

Every true mystic understands the mystery of the powers we all possess. A holy graceful power that gently comes down to the soul when, in deep and regular mediation, the soul tends the power which is not darkened by any serpent, and whose roots can draw nourishment from the hidden depths of LOVE.

/ Unknown /

Enjoy the magic of life while following your bliss.

/ Unknown /

The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.

/ Albert Einstein /

Perhaps we share a secret, we are visitors from a more refined and gentler dimension, the elfin, fairy world...

/ Unknown /

Once upon a lifetime is creating within the spirit land
of your holy imagaination. Within this mysterious land
images are born from simply believing.

/ Unknown /

What to say here ? Please just watch them...

by Hans Christuan Andersen

The haunting tale of a little sea princess, who, despite the beauty of the Sea Kingdom where she lives, longs to live with humans on land, with their greater freedoms, and larger, more varied domain, and also to gain an immortal soul.

One day she saves a handsome young prince who is shipwrecked in a great storm, and she sets her heart on winning his love. To stand a chance to do so, and to trade her mermaid’s tail for legs, she enters into a dangerous contract with the villainous sea witch. However, when the prince decides to declare his love for someone else, she knows that she is now doomed to die the next day.

Dinosaurus lived indeed in our world, but...we don't know really for example what was their colour, a.s.o. So it's a bit of our fantasy, too.

Dinosaurs were the largest land animals of all time, but a great number of dinosaurs were smaller than a turkey.

Dinosaurs as a group got bigger over time until an extinction event 65 million years ago wiped out all but bird-like dinosaurs. Scientists don't agree entirely on what happened, but the extinction likely was a double or triple whammy involving an asteroid impact, choking chemicals from erupting volcanoes, climate change and possibly other factors.

Yet only the big, classic dinosaurs are extinct. Birds are living dinosaurs, most experts believe. Think of that next time a pigeon strafes you. The carnage continues.

Scientists are starting to learn about dinosaur behavior. For instance, theropod dinosaurs exhibited some of the same behaviors as living birds, such as sleeping with their heads tucked under their forelimbs and nesting to protect their eggs.

In my secret garden the grass is green and lush
And the leaves of the shrubs shine just like emerald
And every flush-dawn, when the sun wakes with a blush,
Sunshine arrives, with sweet songs that the birds herald.

In my secret garden red and pink roses bloom
And blood red is the colour of camellias.
The lilac blossoms spread their sweet scent of perfume,
While sunflower-like sway colourful dahlias.

A placid brook runs into a calm azure lake,
On its mirror surface white fleecy clouds reflect.
By its shore, on green grass, I like to lie awake,
Watching ripples that wings of dragonflies effect.

In my garden raindrops fall from azure blue sky
And on the blades of grass like pearl drops hang the dew,
Every leaf, every bloom is there to testify
Of a Power that gives birth and lets all renew.

In my secret garden I blossom, come alive,
The grass feels soft, like velvet, underneath my sole;
Inside my secret garden my soul can revive…
…My secret garden is… inside my heart and soul…

When I pass and offer my soul to my Maker
I’ll ask to scatter my ashes to feed the lawn,
Allow only a white swan as a partaker
Gently to glide across the lake at every dawn;

Let my garden remain a home for birds and flowers,
Let white swans gather on the banks of placid stream,
Let mellow bell ring out the passing hours
And let me dream the dreams I was meant to dream.

/ P. J. Oszmann /


Let me dream the dreams I was meant to dream.

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