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Blog: One More Bite  

Excerpt from my blog: 

"Earlier this year, in the spring, Jason and I worked together on a pilot for Fox, called “Sons of Tucson”. Jason is a freelance producer working on various TV shows for different networks. He’s given the industry over a decade of his life, and paved his way with sweat and blood. He got on board of SOT excited to be working once again with the Emmy-winning director, Todd Holland, and started building his department.

 Since I had recently been laid off from my previous job, and was ready and eager, he hired me proudly as his Bitch. Well, my deal memo called the position “Post Production Assistant”, which didn’t bother me. One of the crucial tasks I was entrusted with was keeping everybody in the house fed. I was armed with a folder full of menus to keep things colorful and versatile. However, it was Healthyca, a little gem of a restaurant in the Valley, that became a main source of our lunches till we wrapped the pilot. It was then that I rediscovered QUINOA. I hear some of the members of our crew got quinoa-obsessed ever since.

 Quinoa [keen-wah] is a grain native to South America; it’s the sacred crop of the Incas, also considered a Super Food for its nutritional value. 100 g of uncooked quinoa contains 14 grams of protein, plus significant amounts of B-vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Zinc. It also carries a balanced mix of essential amino acids making it a delicious source of complete protein."

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Blog: Fair Food Farm Tour Series  

The White Dog Foundation in Philadelphia is sponsoring two farm tours outside of Philadelphia. Check it out on A Natural Day!!!!

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Blog: Show some love for Rachel Ray  
Dunkin Donuts has pulled an ad featuring Rachel Ray wearing a black-and-white paisley scarf, because a clique of right-wing bloggers led by Michelle Malkin attacked Rachel's fashion choice. Tell Dunkin Donuts you don't believe Rachel Ray's scarf is a terrorist symbol and that you're disappointed in their decision to pull their ad and capitulate to the hysterical fringe of the right-wing blogosphere. Read more and sign the petition:

And please note this article on C2NN:

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