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Some_Guidelines: October 28, 2006 2:43 AM

And principles don't mean much if one doesn't follow them.

I understand that human nature can drag one into a conflict, yet to be completely unaware of the fact is a call for self-inspection and retrospection.

In a sense the [concept] lives on in that arguments will be shown for their weaknesses and engagement will be attempted at a higher level.

And ridicule or sarcasm will not be spared in moments, but it won't be the lead-in primetime show.

N_A_P is... a political discussion group that does not bar opinions, it appeals to engagement at higher levels, and pushes for them to continue higher. Yet not so self-righteous that there can not be some fun. That is not its main goal, however that exists to act as a relief valve. Not to spat bitter spite.

The gang attacks of other groups will be de-assembled. Legitimate outrage or discontent with some thoughts and actions will naturally occur in the collective morality. In individual outrage.

A threat to end a mass-murderor's life is not the same as a threat on a postor.

Not that there cannot be argument on something like the Death Penality, but that is miles away from the trivial phrasings of beatings against a regular citizen or denizen, crimeless, aside from thought.

And digging into someone's life who hasn't brought it up for discussion is something for a soap.

A general discussion on a subject is fine, but if it becomes obvious that the goal is harassment...

Let the dirty politics remain for the dirty politicians.

Cause once you go into that mud...

It is far better to take the high road and succeed that way, even if it might go over an opponent's head.

Resolve to try to contact people on a higher level, people of higher level will respond, people will be drawn to a higher level. It is natural.

If they cannot understand the conversation...

There are many who do or wish to and that is how higher morality comes to exist.

MLK is renowned not because he tussled with a bully in the bully's fashion. Gandhi didn't free India by kniving a soldier in the back.

It was Hitler whose vision of superiority was through killing people for arbitrary reasons. Who worked mob-thought and twisted myths and ideals. It was Stalin whose idea of rule by the people was through oppression and fear, through his own dominion.

And it is people who have decided who is to be followed.

The microcosm that is Care2 reaches for a higher morality, for higher thought, for a greater kindness and compassion.

And so while there is free speech and arguments of all kinds, for a thought, in discussion is only examination, and all thoughts must be examined, yet it is the decision that is ultimately important.

And how one holds oneself in that.

So, before making a superficial judgement based on a few seemingly similar features, look to what is really at heart.

From the ashes rose a Phoenix...

You have power. You contain all that has gone before, it is available to you. You will decide what today is like and what tomorrow holds.

Which path do you wish to choose?

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 October 28, 2006 12:38 PM

It's a Dawn of a New Wake in the Revolutionary Experiment!

The Human Revolution!

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LOL felix October 28, 2006 1:51 PM

    Perhaps movement would be a better term in this case..  Movement, moves a certain distance forward..  while a revolution, circular in motion, always comes around again.. in your face..*L*.. Hows your day going?  [ send green star]
 October 31, 2006 6:58 AM

Now, how did you sneak that in- I thought I closed this thread. However, my computer was in the throes of crashing, so...

I say revolution in keeping with the revolt that accompanied the progression of thought.

The experiment of a new form of government also co-incides.

The problem with using progression is that it might be seen as not taking into account elements from the past- as anti-conservative- on the face. Even though that itself is not understanding it meaning.

And as it is now not just immediate, but does have its own history... Of course, revolution does bring up the same complaint, I suppose.

Also, the phrase 'Human Revolution' has already been coined.

And thinking of the web and flow of events and how history seems to repeat itself- at least to some extent. That we have to keep getting up and trying again. I went with the companion phrase.

I like the play on words wake-dawn, wake-ocean wave- per as above.

Cause a wake! Make waves, new ideas replacing old worn out ones {ie dead}...

Movement, hmm?

Reminds me of Alice's Restaurant.

Is that still the Thankgiving song?

It's a shame what has become of Radio.

If radio hadn't fallen into such a dismal state, then shows that talk seriously on subjects could exist today.


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 October 31, 2006 9:05 AM

"The Phoenix is emblematical of the expiring Liberty of Britain, revived by her Descendants, in America."


It is interesting that the colors of the flag were explained as such by Washington, supposedly, when he himself suggested blue-black or black.

The union of the flag duplicates his own personal flag, except his blue was lighter.

The hourglass design, though having multiple meanings, derives one from the pirate use of 'Your time is up!'

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