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For Survivors...
14 years ago
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As a breast cancer survivor, you know the importance of a support system better than anyone. You probably have Co-Survivors – family, friends, doctors or colleagues – who were sources of support and inspiration during your journey, from diagnosis to treatment. We understand these people are important. That is why we are thrilled to announce the Komen Foundation is launching a campaign to honor Co-Survivors.

The new campaign was first introduced during pre-Race ceremonies at the Komen National Race for the Cure® in Washington, D.C. on June 5. We hope to fully integrate this program throughout the 2005 Komen Race for the Cure® Series and other Komen Foundation events. Look for elements of the Co-Survivor program, such as pink-and-white ribbons and special stickers, at the Komen Race for the Cure® or other Komen Foundation events in your area.


This is an exciting time for the Komen Foundation. We hope the Co-Survivor program enhances the Komen Foundation’s tradition of honoring breast cancer survivors and those they love!

Welcome to the Celebration of Survivorship page.  We hope that you'll be reminded how many friends are running beside you every step of the way in this "race for the cure."  Despite the tremendous advances in the medical and scientific fields, sometimes the best therapy is the knowledge we are not alone in this fight - together we can make a difference.

Visit our message boards, read inspiring stories from other survivors, or share your own story.  Through the exchange of experience, knowledge and hope, our wish is that you will continue to believe that the finish line in this race is near.

The Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation
14 years ago

The Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, (an Oregon based nonprofit corporation) was established in 2000 by Andrea Leonard-Bruno to help the millions of survivors who, like her mother, are trying to regain control of their lives and bodies. The mission of the foundation is to focus on the survivors needs and not just the disease. Unlike other foundations of this type, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of breast cancer survivors and their families through education, postoperative exercise programs, research grants, fund-raising, discussion forums and outreach programs.

Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, someone you love has been diagnosed, or you are a healthcare professional that supports breast cancer survivors and their families, we hope that you will find this web site a valuable resource.

Participate in your local "Race for a Cure"...
14 years ago

You never know who may show up to support you!

Martina with Survivors at Family Circle Cup
April 2004 Daniel Island, SC

for survivors
14 years ago
Hi my name is Nancy & I was diagnosed in Nov. of 1998 & I am doing well. I'm not really sure what this discussion site is for but I personally invite those who are also survivors to join so we can talk about how we get thru the day to day struggle of being a breast cancer survivor. I work with others who are also survivors & I personally am also in a 12 step group for other issues that I battle with & that fellowship has been my greatest source of strength along with my GOD who I know has chosen me for some reason to survive this disease, so I try to the best of my ability to let others know that there is HOPE.  HUGS, Nancy
14 years ago

My stepmother is a surviror going on 8 years now.  I'd like to give her the snaps for over coming this and being strong for the whole family

For Survivors
13 years ago

Hi everyone.

My name is Carol and I have been a breast cancer survivor since 2002.

Chemotherapy and radiation were quite the experience and I'm not sure if I have been the same since....though not entirely a bad thing. 

Awareness is half the battle. Please tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc. to have yearly mammograms and do self exams faithfully.

Hugs to all and thank God for each new day.....what a gift !!


12 years ago

tell all that the level of estrogen dominance, more than 60,000 inorganic chemicals that invade our bodies daily, Western society stress and dysfunction, are CREATING AN EPIDEMIC of breast and other endocrine cancers in women.

You cannot imagine how many women I work with who are either precancerous, cancerous or post-cancerous.  I AM BEYOND SHOCKED - I AM APPALLED.

Diet, lifetsyle, exercise and PEACE OF MIND, SOUL AND BODY, creates such healing.  We need to know how to embrace our divine right to being well, being healthy, being bliss. 

Goddess bless all.  This seige must stop.

Blissed be, Annie

Anne Kaspar, C.A.P.H

Survivors, please remove soy from your diets
12 years ago

Hi everyone,

I can't stress enough how important it is that you remove soy from your diets.  You have to read all the labels of the products you buy on the shelves in your supermarkets.

I have a severe allergy to soy and when I started to do research, I decided to write a book on "The Hidden Dangers of Soy." I'm in the process of editing the book now.

 I want to share with you what I learned since you may not be aware that soy can enhance the growth of tumors because of the phytoestrogens.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Max Gerson, of the Gerson Institute has soy products on the "forbidden" list for his cancer patients.

I emailed Elizabeth Edwards and she responded by thanking me, and that she would take my advice.

I will keep you posted when the book is available. 

  • Learn what ingredients to look for because there are products that contain soy but are not listed on the labels.
  • What alternative ingredients to use including recipes that are soy free.
  • Why the soybean industry wants you to believe it’s the “miracle” food.
  • Read testimonials from others and how soy affected them.

Check out:

I hope this gives you more insight.


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14 Months After
10 years ago

My diagnosis came as a shock to me; it was a follow-up mammogram.  Everything in my life, and my family's changed over night.  My bigest frustration was getting accurate information from my various MDs about side effects and complications.  I didn't find out about radiation burns; I didn't know I was suspectible to cellulits (had it twice in two months).  I didn't know that it could routinely reoccur. I was swimming for 4 months before I started my new job two months ago, and finally resumed this morning.  I feel stronger than I did last year with the love of my family and friends.  I feel that I can meet any challenges with more determination and faith.  I would like to hear from other women who had similar experiences....

Hello All
10 years ago

I am back, after being glitches with care2 I guess. Trying to find all my Friends again.

I am a Breast cancer survivor..will be 10 years end of 2009. I had a very aggressive chemo treatment, and radiation. My health was good at the time, I am well, and try to enjoy everyday.

Prayers to those that are struggling, I am here for anyone.


9 years ago

A Women Well Set Free

At last free,
at last I am a woman free!
No more tied to the kitchen,
stained amid the stained pots,
no more bound to the husband
who thought me less
than the shade he wove with his hands.
No more anger, no more hunger,
I sit now in the shade of my own tree.
Meditating thus, I am happy, serene. 

Sumangalamata the author
Sumangalamata (600 BC?)

"'Sumangala's Mother,' the wife of a maker of hats and shade-umbrellas, was a member of the earliest community of women followers of (Shakyamuni) Buddha. Many of these Pali-speaking women left accounts of their practice in poems, which were then collected in a volume known as the Therigatha." 


We can only learn to know ourselves

and do what we can -

namely, surrender our will and fulfill God's will in us.
Saint Teresa of Avila


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