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3 months ago
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17 hrs ago

Beautiful photos Sally & Lyn!


American Paint Horse


Image result for painted horse pictures


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3 months ago

Thank you for the new thread Lyn.

Image result for peacock

3 months ago

Painted Bunting


Image result for painted bunting pictures

3 months ago

Mum and the baby Sparrow

  We have so many in our garden.

3 months ago precious, Lyn.   I love to see baby birds w/their parents. 


Aren't these fuzzy heads adorable?


Image result for baby bird images

3 months ago

I don't know about you but it is SO hard to post a picture. Sorry. 3 Times I tried, no luck.

3 months ago

No problem Lyn. Sometimes it is care2 having it's glitches.

Image result for deers images

Care2 is definitely not what it used to be. :( Good luck next time with your pic, Lyn.
3 months ago

Sally, that fawn is precious.   So innocent.


Image result for puppies

Pretty Rose. Sally, I'm sure this pic is something you see daily. :)
3 months ago

Image result for beach images

3 months ago

Vicky~ Not enough but when I do have a view like that on the beach, I'd like to soak it up.

Image result for seashells of hawaiiRelated imageImage result for seashells of hawaii

3 months ago

Happy Faces

Image result for Happy Faces

I love balloons.....always cheer me up.
3 months ago

Image result for purple flower images

2 months ago

Baby Turtles

Image result for Baby Turtles

2 months ago

So cute the turtles Lyn.

Related image

2 months ago

Cute little ball of Fluff

Image result for Pizza 

Pizza for all, but when I posted this one was stayed.The rest disappeared.

Awwww adorable turtles!
2 months ago

Image result for tattoo people

2 months ago

Vicky~ I had to do a double take on that pic. I didn't know it was a tattoo on someone's back. LOL

Here is some lightning bugs.

Related image

Fooled you, huh, Sally? lol I love lightening bugs.
2 months ago

Little mice are so cute.


Related image

OMGosh! Are those houses, Sally on the edge? Eeks!
2 months ago

A seahorse couple holding tails. 


Image result for seahorse images

2 months ago

Vicky ~ I think it is actually a monks temple on the side of a cliff.

Image result for butterflies

2 months ago

Wonderful posts ladies

A Daisy Chain

Those monks are braver than me, Sally. lol
2 months ago

Image result for baby alpaca

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