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anonymous GAIA MOTHER EARTH August 13, 2007 1:13 AM

GAIA MOTHER EARTH  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous Other Mother Foundation(OM Foundation) is dedicated to the salvation of the ecosystem known as Gaia May 30, 2007 3:51 AM

Other Mother Foundation(OM Foundation) is dedicated to the salvation of the ecosystem known as Gaia through active intervention of future sciences and earthly technologies that replant, reforest, and re-populate our lands, oceans, and skies with diversity  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous Rallies nationwide urge Congress: Step it up on climate April 15, 2007 1:34 AM

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anonymous Investors Managing $4 Trillion Call on Congress to Tackle Global Climate Change April 11, 2007 12:45 AM

Investors Managing $4 Trillion Call on Congress to Tackle Global Climate Change

March 19, 2007

WASHINGTON DC – For the first time, dozens of institutional investors managing $4 trillion in assets today called on US lawmakers to enact strong federal legislation to curb the pollution causing global climate change. Joined by a dozen leading US companies, the investor group outlined the business and economic rationale for climate action as they called for a national policy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions consistent with targets scientists say are needed to avoid the dangerous impacts of global warming.

The group, organized by Ceres and the Investor Network on Climate Risk, issued a Climate Call to Action at a press conference today in Washington DC. The 65 signers include institutional investors and asset managers such as Merrill Lynch, and the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPER, as well as leading corporations such as BP America, Allianz, PG&E, DuPont, Alcoa, Sun Microsystems and National Grid. (See full list below)

In endorsing the statement, investors and companies sent a strong message that climate policy uncertainty and the lack of federal regulations may be undermining their long-term competitiveness because it is preventing them from investing in clean energy and climate-friendly technologies and practices.

"Global warming presents enormous risks and opportunities for US businesses and investors,” said Fred R. Buenrostro, chief executive officer at CalPERS, the country’s largest public pension fund with $230 billion in assets. "To tap American ingenuity and drive business to a leadership position in the low-carbon future, we need regulations to enable the markets to deploy capital and spur innovation.”

“Investors and companies are asking Washington to set a clear policy direction to address the risks of climate change,” said Ceres president Mindy S. Lubber, whose organization also directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk. “The greatest climate risk facing investors and business is the uncertainty caused by the absence of U.S. policy.”
Climate change presents far-reaching risks and opportunities for businesses and investors. Some companies in sectors such as electric power, oil and automotive will face high financial risks from carbon-reducing regulations if they are not prepared to act. Insurance companies and businesses with infrastructure in places vulnerable to extreme weather events also face financial exposure. On the flip side, climate change presents significant economic opportunities for businesses that invest in new technologies and products to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Citing these trends – as well as recent scientific reports concluding that climate change is taking place and that human activities are the primary contributor – investors and companies called for the following three actions:

  • Leadership by the US government to achieve sizable, sensible long-term reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the 60-90% reductions below 1990 levels by 2050 that scientists and climate models suggest is urgently needed to avoid worst case scenarios. Wherever possible, the national policy should include mandatory market-based solutions, such as a cap-and-trade system, that establish an economy-wide carbon price, allow for flexibility and encourage innovation.
  • A realignment of national energy and transportation policies to stimulate research, development and deployment of new and existing clean technologies at the scale necessary to achieve GHG reduction goals.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to clarify what companies should disclose to investors on climate change in their regular financial reporting.

The entire statement and more information on the climate call to action can be found at:

“As institutional investors focused on the long-term financial performance of a company, we expect a thorough analysis of all significant business liabilities,” said Connecticut State Treasurer Denise L. Nappier. “Leading companies have already made progress working to not only assess and report the risks posed by climate change, but to also set in place strategic plans to foster future growth and success. In the face of mounting evidence demonstrating the economic implications of climate change, we strongly urge the SEC to acknowledge it as a material consideration and require all companies to disclose its impact to shareholders.”

“Allianz SE believes it is essential to put a price tag on carbon, thereby enabling market mechanisms to drive emissions reductions and climate protection,” said Joachim Faber, member of the Board of Management at Allianz SE, which manages $1.6 trillion of assets. “Despite challenges in the application of the European carbon emissions trading system, we firmly believe that appropriately structured carbon cap and trade programs play a central role in addressing the challenge of global climate change.”

“The lack of a national climate policy is hindering the business community’s ability to respond,” said Jack Ehnes, chief executive officer of the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTR. “In addition to providing a clear regulatory roadmap, Congress needs to realign energy and transportation policies to stimulate new technologies that will enable us to achieve dramatic greenhouse gas reductions.”

“The investor and the business community are demonstrating that they are ahead of the political process. Like most responsible observers, they’ve seen the science, know it is real and must be responded to,” said Timothy E. Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation. “Through their actions, they are demonstrating that preventing cl  [report anonymous abuse]

signed them April 09, 2007 11:10 AM

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TWO IMPORTANT NEW BILLS April 09, 2007 11:01 AM

Dear Friend,

Two important new bills can help us stop

global warming.


Ask Congress to save the Earth by supporting them.


Last week I wrote to ask you to help save our polar bears which are being pushed to the brink of extinction by global warming.

But polar bears are not the only ones in danger - global warming puts all the Earth's inhabitants at risk.

The good news is that two groundbreaking new bills that aim to stop global warming were recently introduced in Congress. 

Earth Day 2007 is coming up on April 22nd. You can celebrate by urging your Members of Congress to support these two critically important pieces of legislation.

Click here to send your Earth Day message now.

These two bills -- the Sanders-Boxer Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act (S. 309) and the Waxman Safe Climate Act (HR. 1590) -- would help stop global warming by reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency through the use of clean, renewable energy sources. 

They offer a clear first step to addressing the impending global warming crisis and we must support them.

The consequences of unchecked climate change could be devastating. If we don't act now, we could face:

  • The loss of up to 50% of all species on Earth. As oceans continue to warm, thousands of species will face extinction - not just the polar bear.
  • More frequent, more intense heat waves like the 2003 tragedy that killed 30,000 people in Western Europe.
  • Increased droughts and wildfires, especially in the Western U.S.
  • Increased flooding in coastal regions as sea levels rise. If seas rise by 80 feet, 50 million Americans could lose their homes.

However, right now Congress has the chance to set us on a better course - by passing S. 309 and HR. 1590 and making sure these bills become law.

Click here to urge your members of Congress to take the first step to fight global warming by supporting these bills.

After the first Earth Day in 1970, Congress began to set anti-pollution standards for our air and water. Nearly four decades later the challenge has grown. 

Let's remind our Members of Congress to follow the spirit of Earth Day and take the measures needed to protect our environment and our future.

Once you've taken action, please take a moment to forward this message to your friends, family, and co-workers to let every single Member of Congress know that we want them to support these bills that would halt global warming!

Thank you for your help,


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,

Support Our Work - Click here now to help us fight global warming by making a secure online donation - make your gift by Earth Day, April 22nd, and it will be DOUBLED!

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