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yoga postures for bad back?
14 years ago
| Blue Label
Does anyone know of any yoga I can do to help my back? - I have rotated my lower lumbar joint and am seeing a chiropractor but was wondering if any yoga could help... also if i want to do yoga anyway - whichpostures can I do without making my back hurt?

Thanks in advance
14 years ago
As someone recovering from back troubles, I know how painful and frustrating it can be. I haven't been able to do yoga in almost two months. My chiropractor wants my muscles and connective tissue to loosen up more before I do more strengthening exercises. I miss it big time... Check with your chiropractor or doctor before you start doing yoga. I'd hate to see you make things worse by starting it too soon. Check the Yoga Journal site for back-appropriate poses and show them to your chiro and doctor before you get started. Hope that helps. Please be gentle with your back!!
Back trouble
14 years ago

I know more than I want to about back trouble.  One of the reasons my back is in the shape it is is due to my stubborness when I first started having back problems.  I thought I could exercise it out, not understanding it was nerve pain I was having.  I made the situation worse and blew out my lower disc.  I didn't know it was ruptrued.  I continued to do yoga because that was the only thing that gave me relief.  It was explained to me that when I did yoga it stretched the spine so it took pressure off the nerve - just for a little while.  BUT, the problem was not going to go away.

My yoga instructor and I have had many conversations about back trouble and yoga.  Her husband is suffering from back trouble.  As she and other instructors have said, yoga can help, but you have to know what is wrong so you don't do more harm than good.  If you have a bluging disc, you need to know which side.  Do you have leg or hip pain with it?

Dawna's advice is sound.  You really should consult a doctor before attempting exercises of any kind.  Trust me, you don't want to be like me - almost a year later going in for even more tests.  It's really frustrating.  Just be patient with yourself. 

Rule of thumb - if it hurts, stop.  My yoga instructor always says, "Remember, in yoga, no pain - no pain."


1 year ago

Yoga is my salvation

A you have a sedentary job?

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Hello my name is tasunka
1 year ago

I had a microdiskectomy in 2009 that did not really work

for an L5S1 herniated disc accompanied by a menopausal pinched nerve

running from the disc all the way to the toes of my left leg

$30,000 for very little relief

fast forward five years (slow excruciatingly painful in reality)

I was reading an interview between dr joseph mercola and a young chiropractor named dr Eric Goodman

goodman had just wriiten a book about curing his own herniatec discs with exercise

I bought his book FOUNDATION  TRAINING for $20

and two weeks later I was out of pain for the first time

in five years

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