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THIS IS A BRIEF HISTORY AND SUMMERY OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN IRAQ!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  May 22, 2008 6:55 AM

In some ways it seems like there is alot of ethnic fighting in Iraq. Iraq is an ancient country with alot of history, some of it good and some of it bad. Just like most other countries. Iraq has a very long history of both Christianity and persecution. It seems like nearly everyone in Iraq has been persecuted at some time or other, depending on what majority had taken over, what King had reigned, and what dictator was in control.
Some of the races, ethnic groups, and religions are the Kurds[who are Muslims, Jewish, and Christians], the Turks and Turkish-Kurds, the Assyrian Christians, the Jewish believers, the Arabians, the Suni's and the Shiite's.
The languages are Kurdish, perhaps some Turkish, Aramic, Arabic, Hebrew, well and some that I do not know.
The Kurds, the Assyrian Christians, and the Arabs live in the beautiful mountains of Iraq.
The Suni's and the Shitte's live in the plains area, the deserts and the lowlands, along the rivers and by the oceans. There may be others of whom I am not aware of!
In ancient times the Babylon existed in Iraq, a great city [like our mega cities], with hanging gardens, and water fountains, and every kind of race of persons you could imagine. The Jewish believers were living there for a time also. Babylon is mentioned in the Bible [in the old testament]. Babylon eventually fell just as the old testament prophets predicted. While some Jewish people returned to Israel, some remained in Iraq.
In the mountains:
The Assyrian Christians are the indigenous  population  of the mountains. They became  Christians in the days of the disciples when  their King  converted to Christianity!
The Kurds are thought to be of several Indo-European and  Mediterrean populations. They came to the Mountains in ancient days and their archetects would build wonderous castles, and they are known as writers, poets, farmers and goat herders. They also defended their homeland from the fierce and mighty warriors of Turkey, and from other armies who supposed that they could take the land from the Kurds. The Kurds had one especially brave and wise King who saved the country from being taken over and from disaster! Many Kurds also became Christians in the days of the early disciples. If you visit a Kurd and they have a loaf of bread on the dinner table, with the impression of a cross on it, you know that their ancestors were Christians. They make their bread dough, and right before they bake it, they take a wooden cross and press it into the dough! The Kurds are also excellent horsemen!
The Assyrian Christians and the Kurds were like family, almost as close to each other as anyone can get, until the days when the Muslim religion swept through the Middle East. Many Kurds converted to the Muslim religion, while the Assyrians remained Christian. Those who were not killed often fled the country.
The Muslims had liberals, moderates, conservatives and extremists. The extremists were and are the trouble makers, insisting that everyone believe as they do, or they would eliminate them.
Christians were so greatly persecuted by the extremists, that all groups of Christians,[ the Assyrian Christians, the Caldean Christians, the Armenians and Kurdish Christians] were almost eliminated as the vasts gravesites are a testiment to.
The countries were named differently with different borders, much different than now and Iraq as a country did not exist. All the countries that we see now were created by the British government, after World War I, another touchy area to talk about. The Kurds had always considered the mountains theirs[their mountainous homes were once called Kurtistan] and were deeply hurt when they were ignored and not even given any autonomy or identity, and they were especially hurt that their country was not legally put on the Map, nor were they considered a country an longer. ] And this was done without consulting with the Kurds at all.
I do not know much about the Suni and the Shitte, other than that they lived in the plains area, the deserts, the lowlands, by the rivers and by the oceans, and that they converted to the Muslim religion.
I do know that Iraq used to be a thriving land with many visitors and large market places and was even becoming modernized, when a man named Saddam took over, became a dictator patterning himself after Hitler and forcing strict, extremists laws upon the people of Iraq.  Saddam was brutal, cruel to minorities, women and anyone who disagreed with him. The only religion allowed was his extremist view of the Muslim religion.
Saddam persecuted The Assyrian Christians, [many fled to other countries],  the Kurds as a whole, the Jewish believers[who either hid themselves or fled the country], and any other miniorites. He persecuted anyone who got in his way. The Kurds were relocated to prison camps in the lowlands, and the rest of their villages were sprayed with poisonous chemicals which were deadly. The dead were seen scattered for miles.
After the chemical gases cleared, he had his soldiers drive in with  trucks and they piled the bodies on the truck.
Saddam than brought in many families from Saudi  Arabia, and gave them the empty Kurdish homes.
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anonymous  May 22, 2008 6:57 AM


WE defeated Saddam but still had the extremist to deal with.  So many things have happened. The Kurds went back to their homes only to discover that their homes were occupied. Some Kurds ended up living in camps and some fought for their homes. That left homeless camps of Assyrian Christians, Kurds and descendents of Arabian parents.
Because of extreme violence, bombings and extremists persecution of Christians, millions of Assyrian Christians fled to nearby countries, until those countries literally could not take anymore in.  Muslim families also fled dangerous neighborhoods,and the country of Iraq altogether.
Iraq began rebuilding and created a constitution while instating a democratic government. The Shiite's and Suni's that stayed fought over neighborhoods, and the extremists attacked everyone.
Christianity as a belief began to grow and believers increased; however, persecution also began to worsen also. The Kurds began rebuilding their communities, and they also experienced a large rise in Christian converts. Many liberal and moderate Muslim Kurds along with Christian Kurds, began reaching out to both the Assyrian Christians and the Arab populations, while Kurdish Christians are evangelizing, and doing whatever they can to help the homeless populations, along with working to solve many other problems. They are building houses as fast as possible to provide homes for those in camps and homeless.
Rebuilding is also taking place in the deserts, plains and lowlands, and Christians have opened shops and proclaim their beliefs.
Unfortunately, the extremists have increased their persecution to the point that Christians are once again fleeing, only to be stranded in camps because now there is no where to go.
Businesses are ransacked, beatings and murders take place, churches are burned, and cruxifictions have even taken place, the extremists all the while taunting our brothers and sisters.
While this all looks very bleak, there is much hope in a country that is willing to create a democracy and is fighting the extremists that would make things far worse for everyone should they take over again. And with Jesus there is always hope!
Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq!
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anonymous My Analysis! May 24, 2008 4:54 AM

THERE are many concerns in Iraq, and many problems! For us there are two serious concerns.
#1.) The persecution that Christians endure that must be ended.
#2.) The division between that occurs Christians.
I'm not talking about division that occurs with a friendly discussion, over a cup of coffee, in a coffe shop, over creed. I'm talking about serious I hate that other guy kind of division. How can we solve the problems of persecution when we are divided among ourselves? How can we hear God's word, when we are hating our brothers and sisters? This is what we have to nip in the bud, in Iraq.
How can we do this when we are sitting in the United States, or England or France or Canada? God has said, "Let me fight the battle for you!" So the one thing we can do is to pray. Now everyone can pray! Even at my lowest moments I was able to utter the words, " Jesus, please help me!"
We can also educate others. IF you are a Sunday School teacher for adults, you can teach them what is happening in other countries. If you teach children, you can teach them that there are Christians in every country. You don't want to scare them, but just to make them aware that there are Christians in Africa and in Iraq, as well as in the United States and England. And you can teach them to pray for others, a simple pray such as "Jesus, please take care of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in every country." I truly believe that God honors the prayers of a child.
Do you live in a community where there are Kurds, Assyrian Christians, Caldean Christians or perhaps Christians from Africa or other countries. Hold community prayer meetings, and invite these Christians to your prayer meetings. Use the internet,or other media to advertise your prayer meetings, which many types of media from the newspaper to television offer free ads for community events. Check it out! You could word your ad something like this, "Please come to our 'Uniting in Christ' prayer meeting. Help us pray for all Christians in Iraq, Africa, China, or however you want to word your ad. Extend your invitation to immigration centers and ethnic centers which many reach the population you want to join in. Any stable and sturdy Christian can hold a prayer meeting.
If you teach bible studies to adults you can teach about persecution in other countries. It is vital that Christians understand that persecution exists. Other wise there will be situations like there is with one well known group, in which they see two large churches in a city and believe that the whole country practises religious freedom. That belief is neither factual nor rational. They have been misled and are misleading others.
So what we want to accomplish is to begin to unite Christians and to educated Christians about persecution of Christians abroad.

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anonymous  May 24, 2008 6:35 AM

Another suggestion that I have is to have a weekly International Christian Prayer Meeting! Send invitations to all ethnic and immigration centers!
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anonymous  June 12, 2008 5:19 AM

Frontline Faith Trivia Answer for June 2008 A. The cradle of ancient civilization.  In additional to the cultural importance in ancient civilization, the territory of modern day Iraq factored significantly into Biblical events.  The capital city of Baghdad is located within 30 miles of ancient Babylon and the tower of Babel was also built within the modern day borders of Iraq, on the Plains of Shinar.

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anonymous  August 14, 2008 10:59 AM

Every week, hundreds of Iraqi Christians make the most difficult decision of their lives--to leave their beloved homeland, and seek refuge in a foreign country.

For these believers, life in war-torn Iraq has become too much to bear. Not only have they faced the daily terror of the ongoing conflict, many have also suffered greatly for their faith.
Read more>>

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