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anonymous  May 28, 2008 9:34 AM

Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 09:41:20 -0400

Beloved in Christ,

Praise the Lord!

10 people from the other community accepted Christ in our Nandhram Church, MP. Please pray for them to stand in faith.

Please pray for our ministry among villagers of Chattisgarh and MP states of India.

God Bless you!

Pr Mohan C Thomas
Grace Church
5B/40 Sector 10
Bhilai 490 006 CG
http://www.ourchurc g/graceindia

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 9:41 AM

Pray for the pastors in Kenya that God will give them courage and strenght to keep with God's work and help the people who are placed in their path. Pray that they be kept safe and be given wisdom to know what to do in this dangerous situation, and that they be give a hedge of protection from the Lord.
Also pray for all of our Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya, and for the people of Kenya as a whole!
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 9:45 AM

from Mrs. Mercy Ciniraj, Pastor Paul Ciniraj's wife.
I sorry I use my husbands email ID for send you this message. Also I sorry send it as a common mail.
I and my children in deep sad. We not get sleep. We are in tears. We pray to Lord Jesus for miracle. I beg your prayer.
My husband Pastor Paul Ciniraj sick. We going and coming in hospital from last three week. His blood found leukemia. It a beginning stage. Bone marrow, hb, platelets showing problems. He under treatment.
We know it a temptation. We know it for a big testimony among sick. But my husband's muslim relatives laugh. They say this trouble because he left Islam and accept christianity. I and children not like hear this from them. Also converted christians from Islam and Hindu not like hear this from muslims and hindus. They also sad.
We believe true God. We do true ministry. God know our heart. God know our ministry. God know our faithfullness. If we not follow true God, God allow me, my all children, my husband dead together. If we not faithful in Lord's ministry, God take together my life, my children's life and my husband's life. We not want live more. Otherwise we want my husband back normal stage. We not want hear him blood cancer patient. We want God's miracle. We want him again witnessing Christ. Please pray.
Treatment expensive. We not have health insurance. Everyday we spend big amounts for tests and medicines. I not know what do. We need God's people's urgent help this time. Please pray.
I sorry. For this urgent matter I use my husband's email ID for send this message. Please reply me in my email ID: mercyciniraj@ rediffmail. com
I write my postal address below. I can receive checks and also money through western union in my address. I not have paypal account.
My children Besly, Hepzy, Lesly say greetings to you. Hepzy (daughter) in XII class. Her model exam running. Next month her public exam. Children difficult concentrate exam because Pappa's sick. Please pray.
Your sister
KERALA - 686038, INDIA
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 9:52 AM

Dear God’s servant
Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ
          I would like to introduce myself that I am V. Aruna Kumari, pastor of our respective ministry “Savour Gospel Ministries” we will have our own two churches “Christ Prayer Hall”. We are regularly conducting Sunday worships, Sunday school for the children, special prayer meetings for the Women and Youth. Actually, I was being done and deeply associated in the Lord’s work for the last 15 years. We have some church needs and so many believers are poor, they faced so many problems to their lives. So please pray for my needs in your prayers.
        It is indeed be very happy and pleasure for us and most obviously. We being the servants of God, it is the privilege and honor for us, as our services are exclusively ment for Gospel aspect as well as social service oriented. We are humbly bringing forward our ministry service to your kind notice and file, for your perusal, goodself, peaceful reaction, sympathetic consideration and most significantly for your prayerful cooperation for all our respective ministries endeavours.
        From now onwards we would like to develop decent cordial relations and nice rapports with you in all aspects. Most prominently mandatory in each and every Herculean and onerous endeavours of our ministry. It is our humble request only. Please arrange some more Gospel Literature to my ministries work in my area. I am waiting for your prayerful reply. God bless you richly.
Thanking you brother
Yours sister in Christ
V. Aruna Kumari

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 9:58 AM

Urgent Prayer Needed for Rev. Richard Tanon.
From: Juanita
Please pray for Rev. Richard Tanon, in Sacramento, California he is the minister who performed our wedding 33 years ago this June, his lungs have collapsed and the doctors give him 3 days to live, this family lost their youngest daughter about 7 months ago a car struck and killed her.  Rev. Tanon was the first Hispanic to be named as Chaplain of NYS Prisons, we had the privilege to go and minister with John's gospel group years ago to Sing Sing Prison, incredible ministry. 
Blessings, Juanita
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:08 AM

From: Benete Adelle

I am Benete Adelle a 25 years old christian girl, I don't have a computer of my own, a missionary from France allowed me to use her computer since she can't help me in any other way.
I am a Victim of war in  (COTE D'IVOIRE) Africa, I do have a small poultry farm before the war where I make my daily bread but unfortunately the REBELS came and destroyed all my things and set fire on houses including my poultry farm, I lost my farm.
I am writing you this mail to request for your prayers, to feed and clothe myself and if possible to re-start my little poultry farm again and I know that the Lord shall bless you.
I am recently living with my pastor where we are about 9 people living in a single room.  I am seriously going hunger.
 May the Lord bless you abundantly and grant you success in all your dealings.
Yours Sister In Christ,

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:19 AM

Hilde Marie (the author of the e-mail below) is my daughter-in- law.

This situation is very serious, and is changing every minute.  Sudip was raised from the time he was 12 in an orphanage and God gave him a burden for children in the same situation.  God has miraculously provided the means for all of the excellent work being done in His name and for His glory.  It is this provision that Satan is attempting to use to destroy this work.  The wife of a Maoist started this by seeing “stuff” in the orphanage and Anne Lise and Sudip’s private quarters (they are subject to search, and have no rights or any way to protect themselves) and becoming jealous.

My heart cries for this couple who has given up everything to do His work, and is now fighting for their very lives.

 Pray for wisdom, provision, and protection.

Check out their web-site compassionforasia. org , when you see their faces and the face of their little daughter, you will know that God wants His kingdom to stand united against this attack!

Thank you!

 Julie A. Ritzheimer

Children's Pastor

New Life Worship Center

www.newlifeworship. org

304-723-0777 ext. 224

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:21 AM

Hello Ms Matthews,
"Asian Rural Life Development Foundation worker, Cyd Mizell, and her driver, Muhammad Hadi, were taken at gunpoint January 26th in Afghanistan. Please
pray for their safe release.  For further information please see"
If you have any questions we ask that you respond back to this email.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Asian Rural Life Development Foundation
USA phone 731.803.1756

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:24 AM

Mizell family statement

February 28, 2008

George and Peggy Mizell, parents of Cydney Mizell, issued the following statement today on behalf of the Mizell family:

We are all heartbroken to receive credible reports of the deaths of our daughter, Cyd, and Muhammad Hadi, her driver, in Afghanistan. While these reports remain unconfirmed, we are beginning to accept that the hoped-for outcome may no longer be possible.

Cyd knew before she went to Afghanistan that it could be a dangerous place, but she went because she loved the Afghan people and dedicated her life to serving them. We are trying to understand why someone would kill a gentle, caring person who came to their country to help the poor. Many of the people of Kandahar came to love her almost as much as we loved her, and all of us share her loss.

We thank everyone who has worked so hard to secure her release and who now seek to confirm what we've heard. We thank everyone around the world who’s been praying for Cyd, and for us.

Please continue to keep our family and Mr. Hadi's family in your prayers.

We ask now that you please respect our privacy as we wait for confirmation and grieve for our Cydney.

Thank you.

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:25 AM


                 P. O. BOX NO.3. TENALI- 522 201. GUNTUR (DT) A. P. INDIA

Pastor. P.JOSEPH



Dear servant of God


Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ

             Let me introduce myself that I am Pastor. P. Joseph from India . I and some God’s children’s are established the above Christian Organization and spread the word of God in my areas last 13 years. Here, we have a good gospel team, our team visiting weekly once to Hospitals, Educational centers and some more remote villages of my area and distribute the free Gospel tracts and booklets and our team preach the word of God. We earn some souls through this tracts ministry.

         And we maintained a Christian Lending Library in my town; this material helps to me so many God’s people through this world. We keep this material in my home and maintained the Lending Library, because we have a lot of Bible base material, but I have a good desire to earn some souls to our Lord’s kingdom through this Library. I am a poor, in my poor position we did not maintain a full time Library in my town.

      I have not a position to bear and maintain a separate Library building; we did not pay rent in every month. So, this is my main problem to run full time Library in my area. So many pastors and my people are requested me to start a full time Christian Library? But we did not maintain this. Now we run a Lending Library. So please pray for my need and see my Christian Lending Library photos and help any way to me, we start a full time Library in my town. Mainly I need a rented building to run my Library, and please help me my Library building rent in every month. Here there is no such type of Christian Library in my area. Please pray for my need.

           God has given me 2 sons and I daughter. They are all completed the B.Th. Bible training and they are all do the Lord’s work. They are bellow 28 years, unmarried. My wife Mary is cooperating with my work. I am attached my family photo and my Testimony and also my Christian Lending Library photos for your kind notice, So, please kindly consider my request and pray for my Library needs. God bless you. I am waiting for your prayerful reply.

Thanking you in Jesus Name

Yours in His service

P. Joseph

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:34 AM

The ZANU PF government continue to persecute the Church of God. 'Eight Church leaders, including a blind pastor were arrested during a meeting in front of 400 worshippers and detained in police cells in Kadoma (120 km South West of Harare).'

The arrested Church leaders are Jonathan Gokovah, Pastor Raymond Motsi, Pius Wakatama, Pastor Ancelimo Magaya, Pastor Wilson Mugabe, Pastor Zvizai Chiponda, Lawrence Berejena and Gerald Mubaiwa.

Pastor Moyo states, "The meeting was for Christians who felt they cannot remain silent while the country burns with companies closing, inflation (26 000%) hitting everyone hard and the majority of people suffering."
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 10:44 AM

THANKS FOR PRAYING MY MARRIAGE AND ME I’m sending you link watch pictures.
Yours in christ Servant of Lord Victor Sirdar
Chairman & founder
Unity In Christ Ministry
C-37 block 5 F.B.Area Gulberg town karachi-75950 Sadiq Nagar Sindh  Pakistan
Phone: +92-300-2538509  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  May 28, 2008 11:09 AM

Prayer Request
Keep on praying and fasting for me. I’m going to get married this 28th
of March so pray for my marriage so Lord protect us and save us from
any type of problems because now this time Pakistan’s situation is very
critical bomb blasting every where, every day call for strike so pray
lord save us from robbing, accident ,incident
Please keep on prayer and fasting.

Blessings,Your brother Servant of Lord
Pastor Victor Sirdar
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 11:12 AM

PASTOR SIRDAR has been e-mailing me for a year now and is always good about responding. I recieved an e-mail requesting I contact him quickly, and he sounded really panicked.
I have contacted him several days ago, but have heard nothing. Please pray!
I always worry about his safety because Pakistan is a dangerous country for Christians!
I will let you know the minute I hear from Pastor Sirdar, but I really need you to pray!
In Christ,
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 11:53 AM

Dear sister
I bring greetings in the name of our Glorious Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ and in His wondrous and mighty name I bid you well and speak UN measurable blessings in your life and
declare that by the power of the spirit of our God the Father
of us all that the season of drought in yours lives shall end
and the blessings of God's favor shall be upon you.

I hope you would be fine by lord's grace. On behalf of myself I am so glad to share with you all that the Lord Jesus Christ has done works of wonders not just among Christian believers but also among Muslims who are learning about Jesus as well as in a tiny village of Punjab .

We have reached the people with God's word and it has opened many peoples heart and they had responded praise to his holy name.

On appeal I would like to put before you that there is no church building in the remote village of TORAH, DADWALEE SHARIF and MACHIKAY; believers do need places of worship in these tiny remote villagers of Punjab.

These three places in Punjab are the undetached areas where the preacher visits rarely it's very important for the Christian community of those three remote villages to have a place of worship soon.

These three places in Punjab are the undetached areas where no one goes to preach and nor to share the Lord's word with them. When I visited there they requested urgently, "you must come to us please and share Jesus's words with us."  I said to them, "Pray so that the Lord will provides for us; so that we can visit you and we can train, ordain, support people who can train you."

It is also important to ordain elders and train them so they may have a trained pastor, evangelists and other church leaders.

Blessings,Your Brother Victor SirdarChairman & founderUnity In Christ MinistryC-37 block 5 F.B.Area Gulberg town karachi-75950 sadiknagar Sindh PakistanPhone:
On May 5th everything was okay!
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anonymous  May 28, 2008 11:51 AM

Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 08:03:08 +0000 (GMT) From:Send an Instant Message "Pastor Khadim sabir" <>  Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Re: Servant of lord Victor Sirdar To:"Donna Matthews" <>

Greetings you in the name of Jesus Christ,

Dear Sister Donna Matthews 

How are you , where were you i'm missing you alot ,no e-mail ,no rely is there any htig ok with you,

must reply me soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

your brother Victor

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 11:54 AM

The above e-mail is the last I recieved from Pastor Sirdar.  It may be that he is busy. But this e-mail is so uncharacteristic of Pastor Sirdar. I will pray and I hope you will also.
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anonymous  May 29, 2008 4:10 AM

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am sorry that I paniced but I hope you understand.
Pastor Sirdar is fine! but as he states in the letter he and
his church members were frightened by certain events
such as a political leader of theirs being murdered and
of the weather.
Please offer a prayer of thanks for me! And pray for Pastor
Sirdar, for their safety.

Dear Sister Donna
How are you. I hope you would be fine by lord's grace,Sister you always in my prayer sorry for late reply. Sister by the Lord's grace I'm fine.
sister rainy season about to come and we are so fear
from this season you know what happened with us
Sister prepare monthly supporters for us so we can
work more freely so we can win lot of souls for him sister
needs are increasing day by day due to dearness and
situation o four country we are so unhappy and unsaved 
Last week some political people killed one political member
of our area we were so fear.
Sister must share with people like who is supporting us
regularly thanks for letting him know about us we need
supports like Richard who can support us regularly little
can make huge things.
Sister work is expanding but due to financial problems we
are stopped or just waiting for the perfect timing. 

Please Pray for Pastor Sirdar's and his churches safety!
Richard is a brother from another group who also writes to
to Pastor Sirdar. It is frightening to live in Pakistan at
this period of time.
Your sister in Christ,
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anonymous  May 29, 2008 5:45 AM

he ZANU PF government continue to persecute the Church of God. 'Eight Church leaders, including a blind pastor were arrested during a meeting in front of 400 worshippers and detained in police cells in Kadoma (120 km South West of Harare).'

The arrested Church leaders are Jonathan Gokovah, Pastor Raymond Motsi, Pius Wakatama, Pastor Ancelimo Magaya, Pastor Wilson Mugabe, Pastor Zvizai Chiponda, Lawrence Berejena and Gerald Mubaiwa.

Pastor Moyo states, "The meeting was for Christians who felt they cannot remain silent while the country burns with companies closing, inflation (26 000%) hitting everyone hard and the majority of people suffering."
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anonymous  May 29, 2008 5:46 AM

Please add your brothers and sisters in Christ living in Zimbabwe to your prayer list.

Under the socialist government of Robert Mugabe:
  • Inflation is running 1.593%
  • Unemployment is over 80%
  • Operation "Take Out the Trash" had the government bulldozing houses, creating thousands of homeless victims
  • No rights are protected

No one can meet for prayer or Bible studies in groups greater than 3 without police approval.

The Rev. Dr. Roy Musasiwa helped publish a widely disliked report called The Natural Vision Discussion to shed light on this tragedy—at great risk to himself.

"We long for peace," Musasiwa said. "Would it not be great to live in a country where you can associate with any political party of your choice without fearing victimization, being tortured or raped, or having bombs thrown into your house?

"Or what about having the freedom to gather for prayer without the fear of being arrested?"

Despite the threats of violence, jail or death, Christians are still gathering to pray and discuss issues. Many Christians and pastors are now in jail.

Let's pray for them and for revival in Zimbabwe.

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anonymous  May 29, 2008 5:49 AM


Dear Brethern in Christ

Please pray for my household to receive and
live the peace and love of Jesus Christ.
Pray that my husband will receive a scholarship
and that both of us will get higher paying
jobs in order to make ends meet. Dear Lord
there are so many of us that struggles to give
our tiths,please release us from this financial
burderns we are carrying in the mighty name
of Jesus Christ of Nazareth with thanks.Lord
you say in your word that we should not be
concerned over anything but in everything we
must make known our needs and that is what
we do Lord.
Dear Lord satan is attacking us but we have
the coat of armour to protect us , to help us
stand against him.Jesus we praise you now and

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anonymous  May 29, 2008 5:56 AM

Please Pray:

  • That violence and disunion will cease among Mangar and the late Thakur’s family. (Psalm 133:1)
  • That Mangar and his family will seek the truth of Jesus Christ from their Christian family members. (Psalm 25:5)
  • That God will provide for all the needs of the displaced Iraqi families. (Philippians 4:19)
  • For the Christian Iraqis who boldly make a choice to travel with their Bibles. (2 Corinthians 3:12)
  • That there are more opportunities for Open Doors to distribute Bibles to the Iraqi people. (2 Samuel 22:31)
  • For the upcoming events of North Korea Freedom Week, starting this Saturday. (Psalm 94:16)
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