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anonymous UNDERGROUND CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS! June 10, 2008 10:51 AM

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Ready for the Test
Brother Aung was 16 years old when he started attending an English school taught by a local Christian missionary in his village in Burma.  The village was spiritually a very dark place because there were no Christians.  All of the people are either Buddhists or Animists (worshiping their ancestors).
The missionary was very kind and soon they became good friends.  The missionary told Aung about a living God; One that came to be with His people, teaching ways to live and how you could know Him.  Soon Aung felt a longing to know and worship this living God.  He committed his life to Jesus and decided to not turn back.  This was a decision that would soon be tested.
After a while the time came for him to share his faith with his parents and siblings.  Suddenly his parents where very angry with him screaming, ”Why are you telling us about Jesus!”  They could not understand why their son had been the first in their village to become Christian.  They threw his Bible out of the house and told him that he could not live with them if he was a Christian.  The choice was very clear.  Either he follow the living God or the ways of his parents!  Aung said, “I am sorry when I had to leave my parents.  If I stay I will be in hell.  I need Jesus more than the love of my parents.”  This too was a decision that would be tested.
Feeling that God had called him out of his village for a special purpose he traveled to Yangoon, the capital, to attend Bible school.  “I am called to be a minister”, he said. Soon after beginning school he became paralyzed from the waist down.  He was afraid and no one could explain why this had happened.  What was the reason?  Had he caused this by living for Jesus?  After four weeks the missionary from his village came to visit.  He prayed for Aung and he was instantly healed.  Hearing the story about their son’s sickness and how he was healed his parent were amazed!
Aung said,”I believe this all happened to persuade my parents that Jesus is the one true living God and to bring glory to God.”  He added, “They are listening a little bit.  They are not so angry with me.  I always pray for them.”
Focus on Persecution (Focus) is helping Aung continue his schooling.  Currently he attends classes and helps to evangelize alongside his Pastor.  But what does he plan to do after graduation?  Aung said very matter-of-factly, ”I will go wherever God places me.  I am dedicated to serving my Lord.”  
Please pray for Brother Aung and his parents.  Aung was the first person to make a decision for Christ in his village.  His family could be the next.  If you would like to write a short note of encouragement to Aung please do so.  We will translate your note and deliver it to him.  Please send to Focus on Persecution, PO Box 1042, Bartlesville, OK 74005. To send an email please click here.
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anonymous  June 10, 2008 11:00 AM

Walking a Tight Line in Burma
An Underground Bible School Struggles
The students come for different reasons.  Some because they are lay pastors who feel a calling to gain more education.  Others are young college students that are following a calling into the ministry.  Some are Sunday school teachers that have a burning desire to learn more about God.  No matter their age or background all of them are Christians who attend an underground Bible school in a local pastors home.
The students enter the home by teetering across a makeshift bridge made from boards resting on bricks.  The space between the road and the house, barely 10 feet, floods regularly during rainy season. The bridge is there to allow people to enter the home without getting their feet wet.  
Walking the little “bridge” isn’t the only tight line the school has had to walk.  Their relationship with government officials can be a problem.  Dr. Ram, the Founder and principal instructor reports that the school has to keep relocating because the landlords fear reprisals from the government.  Technically the school is illegal; however, Ram maintains a good relationship with one local official that allows the school to exist.  In August, the current landlord asked Ram to move again. The school is disrupted each time they are forced to relocate.
Ram has help from volunteer pastors who are also qualified to teach.  Ram says, “I believe God gave me the vision to start this school to encourage the leader and pastor.  I am very happy when I teach.”  Ram started the school three years ago and has largely funded the expense of running the school by himself.
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anonymous  June 10, 2008 11:05 AM

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anonymous  June 10, 2008 11:08 AM

The school is a wonderful experience not only because they are learning about God and acquiring important life skills but also because they meet other students who are from other villages and tribes.  Each tribe in Vietnam has its own customs and language.  Learning about each other’s tribe helps students become aware of God’s great plan to reach the world.
Once they graduate from the school they return to their village to help grow their local church.   They can use the skills they learned in the church and community for Christ.  Miss Be, one of the students, says, ”After I finish learning I will return to my village to help the local church develop.  The teachers have paid attention to and taught me.  I was renewed in my mind and strengthened in the faith.”
One of main complaints of non-Christians in these rural areas is that Christians only want people to come to their church they don’t want to be an active part and help the community.  This is one of the reasons each student is taught a practical trade.
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