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anonymous Thoughts on Revelation! April 21, 2009 10:49 PM

Thoughts on Revelation!
  There are two reasons I did not rush into doing a study on Revelation. One is that I really did not have the time! The second is that people so often argue over the Book of Revelation. It is a difficult book of the Bible to understand. Some of the things I found in Revelation, pertaining to the end days, are that there will be disasters, wars, persecution and many things happen both before and after Jesus comes to rapture his followers, who of course are Christians and Jewish people who believe in Jesus also.
What you see in the this day and age and in this world are the beginnings of birth pangs. And as with any pregnant woman, we do not know when the time will come. We just know that we are beginning to see the signs. And we know that now we have Grace and the hope of Jesus coming, but after Jesus comes, those who are left behind and choose not to take the mark of the beast will suffer great persecution. We know that even now Christians all over the earth, and especially in certain countries are being persecuted, beat, jailed, and even tortured and murdered. We know that believing in God isn't as popular as it once was, that we have global warming, terrorism, and many other problems which are escalating over time. We do not know when Jesus is coming but we do know the story of the virgins who were waiting. The one's who had their lamps ready, were the one's who made it to the wedding, and the one's who weren't ready did not make it in. So we should be sure are lives are right with the Lord, that we are not hiding some secret sin, that we have asked Jesus to come into our live's and have asked for forgiveness, and made up our minds to follow Jesus. It is not always easy but it is always worth it.
After Jesus raptures his followers,  everything that is now going on in this earth, will become more intense. The persecution, the disasters, the anti Christ will demand that everyone be tattooed [ some people think this will be a monitoring device and it very well could be]. If we have turned our lives over to the Lord, we won't be the one's that have to worry about this, but others will. In order to follow the Lord in those times, people will have to hide, or face terrible persecution. When they refuse the mark of the beast, they will be denied the right to buy or sell, and will go without food at times and water. The earth will become hot, there will be terrible natural disasters, and strange happenings. There will be one world order, and Israel will be a battle zone, with prophets, and chaos ensuing. Another prophecy is that all Jewish people will return to Israel.
This, of course, won't concern true Christians now, but what you see across the earth now is a forerunner of what will happen. Christians will also become confused in the end times and turn each other in, and some Christians will turn towards violence forgetting what Jesus taught.
I want to emphasize that Jesus, the prophets and the disciples all said the same thing for us, Be ready! So our job to be ready is this, to get rid of the sin in our life, to help others, to pray and study the bible and to let Jesus change us into His creation, as we are meant to be. It is simple  and difficult but we are not meant to do this by ourselves but instead to pray to Jesus one day at a time, to help us!
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