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 January 26, 2010 4:51 AM

On Dec. 12, Father Nguyen Van Ly, who had suffered a severe stroke on Nov. 14, was sent back to prison after several weeks of treatment in a hospital. Father Van Ly's sister said, "His situation is a bit better now, but his life is not normal yet. We don't know why they decided to transfer him back to prison, as he still needs help." At last report, he is partially paralyzed and is able to walk only a few steps with a walking stick.
Please send a letter of encouragement to Father Van Ly, letting him know you are praying for him. Also pray for his persecutors. Tell your friends about Christians suffering in Vietnam, and encourage them to pray for Father Van Ly and to write to him as well.

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 November 05, 2009 1:39 PM

Prisoners Freed - Update  

The latest in a series of false charges against two Ethiopian evangelists was put to rest on Friday (Oct. 23) when they were finally released from prison.  Fellow prisoners had accused Temesgen Alemayehu and Tigist Welde Amanuel of insulting the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) after they had successfully appealed charges of accepting bribes and forcing conversions.  Compass Direct News reports that the judge however rejected witnesses’ testimony on the most recent charges as contradictory and of no value.  Alemayehu and Amanuel thank you for praying.  “The enemy has tried to frustrate us and delay our freedom,” said Amanuel. “But through prayers and God’s intervention, we are now released from prison.”

Thank you, Father, for Your protection of these saints.  Empower them now as they return to ministry that the seed of Your Word might be spread over their land and yield abundant fruit.   
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 November 01, 2009 6:48 PM

Two Iranian Christian Women Still Held in Evin Prison Two Iranian women imprisoned in Iran's most brutal prison have been returned to prison for not renouncing their conversion to Christianity.

Maryam Rustampoor, 27 and Marzieh, 30 have been imprisoned in Tehran's Evin prison for 8 months. During a hearing in August the two were interrogated
repeatedly regarding their faith.

 "We love Jesus... we have no regrets... we will not deny our faith." The judge then sent them back to prison for an indeterminate period of time to "think about their decision."

"We have already done our thinking," they told him.

These girls are just two among dozens possibly hundreds of Christians detained in Iran in recent months. The harassment is the radical Islamic government's response to an Iranian revival that has thousands of Iranians coming to Christ each month
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 October 29, 2009 5:05 PM

October 29, 2009

Dear Friend,

Christian Men Jailed in Pakistan

Compass Direct News reports that two Christian brothers, Naveed Masih and Nauman Masih, were arrested in early September in Pakistan.  Their crime?  Firing warning shots as an Islamist mob approached, a charge both brothers deny. This mob burned seven Christians to death and destroyed at least 50 homes on August 1 after they were whipped into a frenzy by local imams and banned terrorist groups acting on an unsubstantiated rumor of “blasphemy” of the Quran.  These Christian brothers gave shelter to 300 people on the day of the attack.  Nauman has been released on bail, but from his cell, Naveed told Compass about the starvation and beatings both brothers received in a police effort to obtain admissions of firing weapons and having links with terrorist organizations.  “They beat me with cane sticks on the back of my hands and sometimes hung me upside down and then brutally beat me,” reported Naveed.  

Thank you, Father, for the compassion these men have had in caring for their Christian brothers and sisters.  Protect them.  Bring about justice.  Encourage them with your Presence and the knowledge of our prayers on their behalf.

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 October 24, 2009 5:44 AM

Acteal Prisoners – Update

Alonso Lopez Entzin spent 11 years and eight months in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Accused of participating in the tragic “Acteal massacre” in December 1997, he and more than 80 of his neighbors were arrested and charged with the murders. On Aug. 12, the Federal Supreme Court of Mexico ordered that Lopez Entzin and 19 other men accused in the Acteal killings be freed.  Of these men, 18 are believers, but only 5 of the men were believers when they entered prison almost 12 years ago.  The remainder met Christ during their time in prison.  

“There are thousands and thousands of brothers who prayed for us inside the jail – thank God He answered those prayers,” Entzin said through tears.  Despite being freed, the 20 men have yet to resume normal life with their families. They are living in makeshift half-way houses provided by the federal government in hot, bustling Tuxtla Gutierrez, awaiting re-settlement on land that state authorities have promised them. Please continue to pray for these men as they readjust to life outside prison walls and for the Federal Supreme Court of Mexico who will be reviewing 31 more cases in the coming weeks.  

Father, we give thanks for bringing about justice for these men.  And we give thanks for Your work in the hearts of many who encountered You in saving faith while in prison.  We thank you, too, for the confidence that
even now You continue to work for justice on behalf of those who remain
in prison.  Give them all courage and hope.

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 September 19, 2009 9:11 AM

Asia Bibi

Location: Pakistan
Arrested: June 2009

Asia is the wife of 50-year-old Ashiq Masih, and their family is one of only three Christian families in a village of more than 1,500 families. Many of the local women work on the farm of Muslim landowner Muhammad Idrees, including Asia. During their work many of the Muslim women have pressured Asia to renounce Christianity and accept Islam. In June, the pressure became especially strong. On Friday, June 19, there was an intense discussion among the women about their faith, with the Muslim women telling Asia about Islam. Asia responded by telling them about her faith in Christ.

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 August 25, 2009 4:51 AM

Update on Gao Zhisheng

China Aid Association staff recently delivered more than 100,000 signatures to the Chinese Embassy, requesting the release of Gao Zhisheng. They were allowed inside the embassy, but when embassy officials saw the petition they told the China Aid staff to leave and the authorities refused to accept the petition. We encourage you to continue praying and writing Gao. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting he be released.

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 August 19, 2009 6:31 PM

Acteal Prisoner Update

Many have prayed long and faithfully over the last 11 years for the prisoners in Chiapas, Mexico who were falsely accused of a massacre in Acteal in December 1997. On Thursday, Aug. 13, approximately 20 of the Acteal prisoners, mostly evangelical Christians, were released following Mexico’s Supreme Court ruling that they had been convicted in unfair trials. 

Father we give thanks for their release and continue to pray for these men as they re-enter a community where they continue to be subject to persecution.  We ask for the safety and encouragement of their families and also for the prisoners who remain in custody.  Today we stand with our brothers and sisters in India and will continue to pray faithfully for them as well.  Giving all the glory to You!

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team


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 August 11, 2009 7:09 PM

Update on Marzieh & Maryam

On Aug. 8, Marzieh and Maryam were summoned to an Iranian court and ordered to deny their faith verbally and in a written statement. Praise God, they stood firm and replied, "We love Jesus. We will not deny our faith." They have been sent back to Evin prison, where they have been held since March.
Maryam and Marzieh have been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. We encourage you to continue writing them letters and to continue praying. Also, write to the Iranian government requesting they be released.
Please send this e-mail to others who have a heart for persecuted believers and encourage them to write, as well. Get involved. Pray and write today!
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 July 28, 2009 5:52 AM

Shi Weihan

Location: China
Arrested: November 2007

On June 10, a Chinese court sentenced Christian bookstore owner, Shi Weihan, 38, to three years in prison for "illegal business operations," and imposed a US$21,975 fine, according to China Aid Association. Shi Weihan operated a legal bookstore and only sold books with the government's approval. His Holy Spirit Trading Company printed Bibles and Christian literature and distributed them freely to local house churches. Weihan was arrested in November 2007 for printing and distributing Bibles and other Christian literature.

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anonymous  April 15, 2009 11:29 AM

Dear Friends of the Persecuted Church ...

On March 5, Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad and Maryam Rustampoor were arrested by Iranian security forces and labeled "anti-government activists." Their apartment was searched and their belongings confiscated. They are at Evin Prison, known for treating women badly.
We encourage you to write a letter of encouragement and let them know you are praying for them and other persecuted believers in Iran. Let your friends know about suffering Christians in Iran and encourage them to pray and write as well.
Your letters make a difference, sometimes resulting in shorter prison sentences. Write today!

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anonymous  April 12, 2009 10:18 PM

Le Thi Cong Nhan

Location: Vietnam
Arrested: March 2007

In May 2007, Le Thi Cong Nhan, a Vietnamese Christian and lawyer, was sentenced to four years in prison followed by three years of house arrest. Nhan was arrested and sentenced alongside Nguyen Van Dai, a Protestant church leader and lawyer. They are accused of a wide range of crimes; such as "conspiring with terrorists, in their efforts to promote human rights efforts, including religious rights and democracy." They are also accused of compiling "evidence of Vietnam's suppression of the Protestant religion and providing it to the U.S.-based Committee for Religious Freedom in Vietnam."

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anonymous  April 11, 2009 12:54 PM

Update on Sandul Bibi

Sandul Bibi and her father Gulsher Masih are doing well despite being imprisoned for six months. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report they have received your letters of encouragement and have been strengthened by your prayers. Even though they have had eight court appearances their hearings have been dismissed. Recently, a new judge was appointed to their case.
We encourage you to continue praying and writing to Sandul and Gulsher. They have been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. Also, write to the government requesting they be released. Also, you can write to them using VOM's Facebook prisoner alert application:

More Info...

Sandul Bibi
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anonymous  February 19, 2009 7:43 AM

Gulsher Masih

Location: Pakistan
Arrested: October 2008

Gulsher Masih is in prison in Pakistan, charged along with his daughter, Sandul Bibi, with violating section 295-B of the Pakistani legal code, the "blasphemy" law. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report that Sandul found pages of the Quran on the ground picked them up and handed them to her Muslim neighbor. As a result, she and Gulsher were falsely accused of ripping pages from the Quran. On Oct. 9 a large crowd of Muslims attacked Gulsher's home throwing stones and firing guns. They were shouting, "Kill Gulsher and his daughter Sandul."

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anonymous  January 20, 2009 9:31 PM

Update on Shuang Shuying

Authorities denied 79-year-old Shuang Shuying's request to visit her deathly ill husband, 91-year-old Hua Zaichen. China Aid Association reports that officials said if her husband dies before she is released from prison, she will be allowed to see his body for 10 minutes and would have to be chained, handcuffed and shackled. We encourage you to continue praying and writing to Shuang Shuying. She has been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting she be released. Send this e-mail to others who have a heart for persecuted believers and encourage them to write as well. Pray and write today!

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anonymous  October 04, 2008 2:48 PM

Update on KhamLa Namheng

Pastor KhamLa Namheng and seven Khmu pastors from Udom Sai province are doing well despite being imprisoned for the last six months. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report that authorities have not allowed Pastor KhamLa's family to meet or visit with him, although the other prisoners have been allowed visitors.
We encourage you to continue praying and writing to Pastor KhamLa. He has been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. Also, write to the Laotian government requesting he be released along with the other seven pastors.
Send this e-mail to others who have a heart for persecuted believers and encourage them to write as well. Pray and write today!

More Info...

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anonymous  August 01, 2008 3:28 AM

Shi Weihan - Help Imprisoned Chinese Christian!

Send an email to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Whenzong, asking him to press for the release of Shi Weihan. On March 19, Shi was rearrested for publishing Bibles and Christian literature. Shi’s bookstore, located near the Olympic village, operated legally and sold only books for which he had obtained government permission. Authorities at the Beijing Municipal Detention center have labeled Shi as a “dangerous religious element,” mistakenly believing that he would cause a stir as Beijing Olympics approach. However, Shi's friends affirm him to be a peaceful and patriotic citizen.

                   Shi Weihan & wife Zhang Jing
Shi is being held without any family visits allowed. His wife has been prohibited to bring him any food or clothing. Open Doors is concerned about Shi’s health, as he has diabetes and the family has been unable to confirm whether or not he has recieved necessary medication.  Shi’s attorney, who has only recently been allowed to see him, said that Shi is in dire need of medical attention. Read More >>

Please send an email to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Whenzong, asking him to press for the release of Shi Weihan and allow him immediate access to medical attention.

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anonymous  July 29, 2008 7:23 AM

Action Alert Target header

Dear Donna,

I recently wrote to you about Shi Weihan, a Chinese businessman who was re-arrested in March for printing and distributing Bibles and Christian literature. There is still time to send the Chinese Ambassador an email on his behalf.

Unfortunately, Shi is still in prison and no official charges have been brought against him.  The three-month deadline for his hearing expired on June 19 and he still has not been brought to court, making his detention illegal according to China’s laws.

Shi’s family has been denied visitation rights so they cannot bring him clean clothes or ensure that he has his necessary diabetic medication.  Shi’s wife and two young daughters are concerned about his health and are really struggling with his absence.  Read More>>

Please write to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Whenzong, asking him to press for the immediate release of Shi Weihan, and to allow him immediate access to medical aid.
Advocating with you,


Lindsay Vessey
Advocacy Program Manager

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 May 30, 2008 7:16 PM

Evangelist AmbayeShuang ShuyingDr. Kiflu Gebre...

Location: Eritrea
Arrested: May 2005

Print Fact Sheet

On May 11, 2005 Evangelist Girmay Ambaye, was arrested by security police in Eritrea for witnessing about Christ to people on a city bus. It is the third time Ambaye has been imprisoned for his faith in the last few years.
Please send a letter of encouragement and let Evangelist Ambaye know that you are praying for him and other persecuted believers in Eritrea. Let your friends know about the suffering Christians in Eritrea and encourage them to pray and write to Ambaye.
Your letters make a difference sometimes resulting in shorter prison sentences. Write to Ambaye today and let him know you are praying for him.


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anonymous  April 28, 2008 4:01 AM

Meet Miriam Amador from Colombia

  • Widowed by local armed group

In 1996, Miriam's husband Manuel was murdered. An active pastor in Uraba, one of Colombia's most violent regions, Manuel's desire for peace had made him an enemy of the local terrorist groups.

Following Manuel's death, Miriam found it a huge struggle to face life without him. But, despite her grief, she has continued to trust God.

Open Doors has enabled Miriam to set up a sewing business where she and three other Christian widows earn an income. She is also active in her local church.

Meet Pastor Jorge from Colombia

  • Accused of sympathizing with enemies of armed groups
  • Threatened with kidnapping and death

For years, Pastor Jorge's ministry in a rural region of Colombia has carried many risks. Unwilling to join forces with any of the local armed groups, Jorge has become a target, accused of sympathizing with 'the opposition'.

Now, along with all other evangelical pastors in rural Colombia, Jorge is facing an increasingly sinister threat. The armed groups have launched an even harsher campaign against the Christians, threatening that all pastors and church leaders will be systematically killed.

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anonymous  April 28, 2008 3:58 AM

Meet persecuted Christians in Latin America

Indigenous Christians find themselves with many enemies – from power-hungry chieftains, to warring factions and corrupt regimes.

By providing Bibles, practical aid and legal support, Open Doors' teams are helping Christians to stand firm despite their many trials.

Meet the Acteal Prisoners from Mexico

  • 35 evangelicals falsely charged and wrongly imprisoned
  • Most have wives and children to support
  • 15 new believers, converted in prison (as of Feb '03), are also innocent of the charges
  • Three converts have now been released

Just before Christmas in 1997, 45 people were massacred in the remote village of Acteal, in southern Mexico.

In the investigation that ensued, many innocent local Christians were framed and accused of the murder. The believers made convenient scapegoats - and have been behind bars ever since. Some have been sentenced to 35 years in jail.

Back home, their wives and children struggle to survive. Their poverty and isolation means they can only visit their husbands once a month.

In a letter, the Acteal prisoners write: "We pray day and night, crying to God – not only for ourselves, but also for our families who are completely abandoned. God is our only hope."

Download our Mexican Campaign Pack in PDF format (516k) so you can write to the Acteal prisoners and their families and to the Mexican authorities on their behalf.

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anonymous  April 03, 2008 6:59 AM

We, the concerned Eritreans who live in the United States of America are holding a rally against Christian persecution in Eritrea. Christian Eritreans are being harassed, persecuted and detained for the only reason of their belief in Jesus Christ.

We believe that freedom of religion is one of the basic rights of any human being. The Eritrean government is not only violating international human rights declaration that the country is party to but also the provisions of article 19 of its unimplemented Constitution. Therefore, we call up on all peace and freedom loving Eritreans, friends of Eritrea and the International community to join us as we express our concern to the already detained prisoners of conscience and those who are at the risk of such illegal detention.

Let us join our hands together with those in chains because of their beliefs.
We believe that these Christians are incarcerated for the sole reason of their religious persuasion. We would therefore urgently request that all those who are incarcerated for their religious beliefs be released immediately; that all independent churches be re-opened without pre-condition;

Express your solidarity to this call by signing the petition below and join us as we rally for this noble cause.

Release Eritrea-USA

Date: May 25, 2005.

Place: Outside the Eritrean Embassy
1708 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington DC 20009

Time: 11:00am ET
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anonymous  April 03, 2008 6:11 AM

UPDATE: Arrested Pastors Taken Back to Their Province - VOM Sources

On March 27, The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Laos reported that eight pastors arrested when entering Thailand to attend meetings had been picked up by police from their province and escorted back home to Laos. "The police from their province have taken them back to their province and put them back in prison again. We do not know how long they will be in prison," VOM sources said. Pray for protection and courage for these pastors and their families. Pray they will love and forgive their persecutors. Joshua 1:9  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  March 28, 2008 6:03 AM

UPDATE: Baptist Pastor Released from Prison " VOM Sources
On March 19, Baptist Pastor Zaur Balaev was released from prison in Azerbaijan, under a presidential amnesty on Novruz Bairam, a holiday marking the beginning of spring. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts reported Pastor Balaev was met by his son and Ilya Zenchenko, head of the Baptist Union. "When Balaev was released, journalists asked whether he was feeling grateful to Azerbaijan's president for his release. Zaur answered that he always in everything feels grateful to Jesus only and no one else. Journalists immediately quit shooting (footage) of him," VOM contacts said. The Voice of the Martyrs rejoices with Pastor Balaev and his family on his release. We encourage you to continue praying for their protection and wisdom as he returns home to his family and congregation. Ask God to give him discernment and favor. Isaiah 54:17
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anonymous  March 28, 2008 2:31 AM

North Korean Christians arrested; current status unknown

November 8, 2007

a highly unusual press conference in Pyongyang in September, the
National Security Service of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
(DPRK) announced the arrest of “foreign spies” and “native citizens
working for a foreign intelligence service.” The Voice of the Martyrs
(VOM), a ministry serving Christians in restricted nations who are
persecuted for their faith, announced today that those arrested in
North Korea were in fact Christian believers and not spies.

The security service spokesman at the press conference, Li Su Gil, said
that those arrested “carried out the missions by means of diverse
espionage equipment.” He did not name any of those arrested.
VOM has identified the following North Korean Christians who have
disappeared and are believed to have been arrested by government
Onseong, North Hamgyong Province:

Chul Huh, male

Chun-Il Jang, male, 39

Young-Su Jin, male, 32

Myung-Chul Kim, male, 36

Nam-Suk Kang, male, 48Young-Yae Lee, female, 37

Hoeryong, North Hamgyong Province:

San-Ho Kang, male, 36

Cheongjin, North Hamgyong Province:

Mi-Hae Park, female, 30Suk-Chun Suh, male, 29

These North Korean Christians had started a portrait photography studio
to help support themselves, and had registered their businesses with
appropriate government authorities. According to VOM sources working in
North Korea, they were not involved in espionage activities. It is
believed that equipment taken by the government was in fact photography
equipment used in their portrait work.

“Following Jesus Christ is considered treason in North Korea, where the

government mandates that worship is reserved for deceased dictator Kim
Il Sung and his son, the current dictator, Kim Jong Il,” said Todd
Nettleton, spokesperson for VOM. “The Voice of the Martyrs is proud to
stand with Christ’s followers in North Korea, and deeply concerned for
the well-being of our brothers and sisters there. We call on the North
Korean government to release these Christian believers, who were
involved in legitimate business activities to support themselves and
their families.”

The Voice of the Martyrs has been actively involved in helping North

Korean Christians for decades. Among the projects the ministry has
carried out for North Korea is the launch of thousands of “scripture
balloons,” mylar balloons filled with helium and printed on either side
with scripture passages. VOM has conducted other projects to help North
Korean Christians but cannot discuss details publicly to protect the
safety of VOM workers and contacts inside North Korea.

VOM sources do not know the whereabouts of the arrested believers. It

is possible that they have already been tried and executed.

“We pray that they are alive,” said Nettleton. “But we know it is

possible that they have finished their race on earth and gone on to
their eternal reward in heaven. We encourage Christians everywhere to
pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea, who must constantly
face the threat of arrest, torture and execution simply for living out
their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Christians are encouraged to write letters protesting the arrest to the DPRK delegation to the United Nations:

Permanent Mission of the Democratic People's

Republic of Korea to the United Nations820 Second Avenue, 13th FloorNew York, NY 10017

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 December 02, 2007 1:19 PM

Kim thank God, Jesus is coming soon I believe. We need to plant the seeds and God will save their souls if they accept him.
The ones who are persecuted are praying for Jesus to help them. Spreading the word. We need to pray hard for them.
God have mercy on them and keep them from being persecuted.
In Jesus name amen

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never ending November 26, 2007 2:01 PM

this will be a never ending battle until the return of our savior.  the true Christians will stick to their faith no matter what if they are true.  it's in the scriptures but it is sad to see this happening.  we have persecution on our streets here.  people this it's all b.s. but wait till the time comes when they are there on judgement day.  for some it will be to late, for the true believers, it will be relief.  anyone can say what they want to be against my beliefs and if i can i offer them what i know and pray for them.  God has a plan but we need to save as many people as we can along the way.  it's not an easy task but it's well worth it.  Thanks, God Bless kimi  [ send green star]
Please Pray for Evangelist Daniel November 14, 2007 9:42 PM

Evangelist DanielShuang ShuyingVan Thong

Location: Indonesia
Arrested: April 2007

Print Fact Sheet

In April 2007, Evangelist Daniel and more than 40 Christian leaders in Indonesia were arrested after a video recording of them praying for Muslims and the Quran was leaked to Islamic organizations. Evangelist Daniel was sentenced to five years in prison for praying, “Father we pray for the leaders of the madrassa, so their hearts would be open for gospel." Please send a letter of encouragement and let Evangelist Daniel know you are praying for him and other believers in Indonesia. Let your friends know about suffering Christians and encourage them to pray and write too. Get involved pray and write to Evangelist Daniel today!

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 November 09, 2007 8:19 PM

Death, Prison and Oppression for Their Faith By Gary Lane CBN News November 9, 2007
CBN News Image - In North Korea, the treatment of Christians has reached new lows in brutality.

In one particular account taking place in 1997, two people were shot to death for carrying Bibles.

Others are thrown into some of the most brutal prison camps the world has ever seen.

Often, two and three generations of Christians are sent to labor camps -- similar to concentration camps -- so that when the family dies, their faith dies with them.

But communism as a worldwide threat to Christianity has been replaced by a greater menace -- Islam.

The good side of this story is that the church is growing in these countries.

The reason why persecution takes place in Islamic nations is because people are coming to Christ. Since power in these lands is built around the Islamic faith and its mosques, Muslims view those coming to know Jesus as a threat.

There are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and they make up the majority population in 52 nations, mostly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In hard-line nations like Saudi Arabia, religious police harass and sometimes arrest Christians simply for practicing their faith.

In other Muslim countries, Christians are second-class citizens -- denied access to higher education and good jobs.

And authorities often look the other way when Muslims persecute them.

One such country is Pakistan, where Muslims make up 98 percent of the population.

Ray Thorne of The Voice of the Martyrs, a Christian organization assisting the persecuted church around the world, frequently travels to India and Pakistan to offer help to persecuted Christians and tell their stories.

"We've seen many more martyrdoms," Thorne said. "We've seen a lot more persecution in the village areas, churches being under attack, prayer meetings, things like this."

And like all Christians who suffer for their faith, they plead for the prayers of the worldwide body of Christ.

"The greatest frustration for the persecuted believer is that he listens to the devil's lies saying it's all over, you're the last one, there's no hope, nobody cares, nobody knows.," Brother Andrew said. "So we let them know that we are with them, that we pray for them, that we support them, that they are part of the same body, that we are part of. If one member suffers, the whole body suffers. I feel your pain, and I will share my joy and my surplus with your."

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anonymous From Voice of the Martyred Christian! October 20, 2007 7:46 AM

Senior Pastor Arrested – VOM Sources
Pastor Oqbamichael, a well-known leader of the Kale-Hiwot Church in Eritrea, was arrested and imprisoned. This was the second imprisonment for the pastor in the past two years. In 2005, he was arrested at a Christian wedding and was later released after 10 months in prison, which included solitary confinement and hard labor in the Sawa Military Camp. The arrest of Pastor Oqbamichael follows the recent arrest of Evangelist Mussie Ezaz, who is also a minister in the Kale-Hiwot Church. Pray God sustains and strengthens Pastor Oqbamichael while he is in prison. Pray the Holy Spirit encourages his family and church. Ask God to protect Christians in Eritrea who are serving Him in the midst of severe persecution. John 16:13, 14
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anonymous Re: [Persecuted Christians] Persecuted Christians in Prison September 14, 2007 5:52 PM

I'm a little late on reading my mail, but does anyone have the addresses for these governments 2 Groups: Persecuted Christians Mailing List" wrote: 0) { = padding; } } function setLeftSpacerHeight() { body_l = document.getElementById("care2msg_body_left"); body_r = document.getElementById("care2msg_body_right"); spacer = document.getElementById("care2msg_left_spacer"); padding = body_r.offsetHeight - body_l.offsetHeight; if (padding > 0) { = padding; } } --> 12:39 PM Y Wo NieShuang ShuyingVan Thong Location: Vietnam Arrested: August 2004 Print Fact Sheet Pastor Y Wo Nie was arrested August 18, 2004, for leading a demonstration demanding more religious freedom and the release of property confiscated by the Vietnamese government. He received a nine-year sentence. His family has not been able to visit him. Write a letter of encouragement. Let Pastor Nie know you are praying for him and the believers in Vietnam. Let your friends know about persecution in Vietnam; encourage them to pray and write. Also, write Vietnamese officials requesting Nie’s release. Your letters make a difference. Get involved! Pray for and write to Nie today. 3 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | host shares | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from Persecuted Christians, visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: subscribe email: Michael O. Care2 Groups Care2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: host announcements member discussions rss content group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular Groups National Parents & Teachers Association (10,591 members) ASPCA (23,322 members) WWF-World Wildlife Fund (36,324 members) Christianity (434 members) Alternative Transportation (155 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! setSpacerHeight(); --------------------------------- To stop receiving this newsletter, visit: or send a blank email message to:, Inc. 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 150 Redwood City, CA 94065  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
Just a few post to see whats going own. God Help Please September 13, 2007 12:41 PM

Dmitry ShestakovShuang ShuyingVan Thong

Location: Uzbekistan
Arrested: January 2007
Days Imprisoned: document.write(Math.round(iDiff));236
Print Fact Sheet

On January 21, 2007, Pastor Dmitry Shestakov was arrested in a raid on his Full Gospel Church in Andijan, Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan’s Religious Affairs Committee claims Shestakov, an evangelical pastor affiliated with the registered Full Gospel Church, is not an authorized leader of any officially-recognized religious organization in Uzbekistan. They describe him as an “imposter” leading an underground group identified as “Charismatic Pentecostals” engaged in proselytizing under Shestakov’s leadership. He is appealing his four-year labor camp sentence. We invite you to write a letter of encouragement to Pastor Shestakov. You can make a difference for this pastor, even as he is in prison. Write him a letter and pray God encourages him. Your letters make a difference, sometimes resulting in shorter prison terms. Send a letter of encouragement to Pastor Shestakov and also write to Uzbekistan’s government requesting he be released.

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 September 13, 2007 12:39 PM

Y Wo NieShuang ShuyingVan Thong

Location: Vietnam
Arrested: August 2004

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Pastor Y Wo Nie was arrested August 18, 2004, for leading a demonstration demanding more religious freedom and the release of property confiscated by the Vietnamese government. He received a nine-year sentence. His family has not been able to visit him.

Write a letter of encouragement. Let Pastor Nie know you are praying for him and the believers in Vietnam. Let your friends know about persecution in Vietnam; encourage them to pray and write. Also, write Vietnamese officials requesting Nie’s release. Your letters make a difference.

Get involved! Pray for and write to Nie today.

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 September 13, 2007 12:36 PM

Son Jong NamShuang ShuyingVan Thong

Location: North Korea
Arrested: January 2006
Days Imprisoned: document.write(Math.round(iDiff));616
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Son Jong Nam, an underground Christian in North Korea, has spent more than a year in prison, awaiting public execution. He risked his life returning to North Korea to preach the gospel and VOM contacts believe he is still alive, although contact is limited. Write a letter of encouragement. Let Son know you pray for him and other believers in North Korea. Let your friends know about persecution in North Korea; encourage them to pray and write. Also, write to North Korea officials requesting Son’s release. Pray for and write to Son today.

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Shuang ShuyingVan ThongCarlos Lamelas

Location: China
Arrested: January 2007
Days Imprisoned: document.write(Math.round(iDiff));231
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