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Study officially classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin
1 year ago

Study officially classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin
Goodbye conspiracy theory! - Study officially classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin.

Largely ignored by the mainstream media, a study published already on February 14, 2014 by 'The Lancet', the oldest and worldwide medical journal, confirmed what had been known for decades but was concealed from fluoride toothpaste consumers.
The fact of toxicity was simply lied.
It's even worse: fluoride officially classified as neurotoxin.
Fluorine makes you stupid, compliant and, in addition to it submissive.

It was one of the conspiracy theories of the Cold War:
Communists poison the drinking water of the 'free' world with an active ingredient that is defined as medicine, but actually makes people sick and lethargic.
We are talking about fluorine, one of the most aggressive and toxic elements of the periodic table, but it is present in many foods.
Necessarily, as they say, because it supports the teeth in the fight against caries and hardens the enamel.

But is that even true ?

Parsifal, August 11, 2018
'The earlier widespread assumption that fluorine was necessary for tooth enamel lacks a scientific basis. Our current knowledge clearly shows that fluorine does not improve the quality of the enamel, but on the contrary damages the enamel',

- says a scientific study - from 'Hitler - Germany' from 1937! *)


In fact, this statement has changed little in principle, as health journalist Thomas Klein points out in his book 'Fluor Vorsicht Gift!'
Nevertheless, a short time later, starting in the USA, fluoridation of drinking water was to be promoted.
Although fluorides are now only added to water in a few countries (including Ireland, the UK and other crown colonies including the US**), NZ), this is not the only possible source.
Almost every commercially available toothpaste contains these as well-intentioned active ingredients.

In the beginning there was dead fish
Sodium fluorides, which are added to most brands of toothpastes, or as in the USA added to the Water, have always been and remain pure nerve poison.
These fluorides are a waste product from the aluminium, steel, phosphate and pharmaceutical industries.
When corporations sat on huge amounts of fluorine waste around 1950, a method was sought to get rid of this waste elegantly.
At first, the fluoride waste was dumped into rivers, causing a mass extinction of fish.
So another way had to be found.
Despite the knowledge that fluorine is one of the most toxic substances in the world, fluorine has suddenly become, with much propaganda, a necessary 'nutrient'.
As a result, the neurotoxic waste ended up in toothpastes, water or medication etc..

What is put into the mouth of the consumer and thus you and your children in the name of alleged dental health is de facto poisoning in installments, because fluorine and its compounds cannot be 100% broken down by the body and accumulates in the body.

Other sources of 'industrial' fluorine are also: mineral water, table salt, pesticides, mouthwash.


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