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Climate 'protectors': Pets are climate killers and must go away
9 months ago
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First the climate hysterics told us that meat consumption was bad for the climate and we all have to become vegetarians.
Then they claimed that there are too many people in the world who are harmful to the environment anyway, so we can't have children anymore, but the 'cultural enrichers' have to migrate with their family reunification
(and, btw increase the parallel population's growth and Sharia).
And now, on Monday, a new study on global climate change was published that says your dog and cat kill the environment, and if you want to prevent global warming, it's time to say goodbye to your pets, which means kill them all.

Parsifal, October 31, 2018

When I told it to my cat she reacted like this:

  And my dog like that:

They are totally crazy, the people!


The study, published in the online journal PLOS, claims that human compulsion to seek a community with animals is one of the major factors influencing our climate, especially in the United States, where there are 163 million pets - about one pet per two Americans - the highest number of any country in the world.

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia claim that these 163 million pets damage the environment, from the food they consume to the waste they produce.

'In the US, there are more than 163 million dogs and cats that consume animal products as a significant part of their diet and therefore represent a substantial footprint in their diet',

is the summary of the study.

'Here, for the first time, the energy and animal product consumption of these pets in the US is assessed, as well as the environmental impact of the animal products fed with them, including faeces production'.

However, the problem is not confined to the United States.
The popularity of pets has grown worldwide.


read on in BOLE

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