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Macron forbids demos and deploys soldiers
4 months ago

Macron forbids demos and deploys soldiers
France is now practically under martial law.
The Macron regime has banned all demonstrations in central Paris and other cities for today's Saturday.
Anyone who violates this ban will be arrested and fined 135 euros.
In order to impose this massive restriction on freedom of expression and demonstration, the French military will be deployed throughout France.

Soldiers will patrol the streets of the city centres.

Parsifal, March 23, 2019


The last time the army was deployed inside France was between 1947 and 1948.
These measures show how completely anti-grass roots, extreme and illegitimate the Macron regime has become.

This Saturday marks the 19th weekend of protests of the 'gilets jaunes' since the beginning of November 17, 2018.
The protest movement has announced that it will disregard the ban on demonstrations, because now people are taking to the streets all the more.

Last Monday the Prime Minister of France, Edouard Philippe, announced a ban on demonstrations in many areas of France, including the centre of Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Soldiers will be deployed throughout the country to provide 'peace'.

The police prefecture in Paris issued the proclamation:

'Didier Lallement, Police Prefect, hereby bans all Yellow West assemblies along the Champs-Elysees and outskirts, including around the Presidential Palace and the National Assembly'.

General Bruno Leray, the military governor of Paris, explained the order of the soldiers.

They may go so far as to use the firearm if their lives or those of humans are at risk.

This means that they have received the order to fire.

What happened to France when the Rothschild puppet Macron used the military and was ready to shoot at the population ?

Where is the indignation from neighbouring countries?
Are these supposed to be the 'European values' of the EU, which are always proclaimed loudly and exported everywhere ?

Imagine if President Putin were to ban demonstrations in Russia, use the Russian military and give the order to shoot, WHAT HULLABALLOO WOULD BE IN THE WESTERN PRESS AND POLICY ?

But when the law of war is introduced in France, one hears practically NOTHING !

And why are the Yellow West activists in France not supported and defended by the 'democratic forces' in Europe?
Where is the solidarity from the neighbouring countries ?

Paris: Yellow Vest protesters burn and destroy the EU flag - 23.02.2019


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